Rake Riddle Buckets & Rhinox's Best Features

Rake Riddle Buckets & Rhinox's Best Features

Rake Riddle Buckets & Rhinox's Best Features

If you're in the construction or landscaping business, or just own a digger, you understand the value of maximising your equipment's efficiency. Time is money, and every second saved on the job can improve productivity and profitability. One fantastic way to achieve this is by using versatile attachments that can perform multiple tasks with precision. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the world of rake riddle buckets, exploring what they are, their best uses and what makes the Rhinox rake riddle bucket stand out from others on the market.

Top: Rhinox rake riddle bucket riddling grass from soil. Bottom: Rhinox rake riddle bucket raking over the ground for debris

What is a Rake Riddle Bucket?

The rake riddle bucket, also known as a general purpose rake bucket, is a 2-in-1 attachment designed to be used with mini diggers or excavators for landscaping and ground preparation jobs. It combines the standard land clearance rake and riddle bucket / skeleton bucket into one hybrid attachment, allowing you to carry out the job of two attachments with just one.

The rake riddle bucket is usually made with a slotted shell like the riddle bucket, and tines extending beyond the lip plate to be used as a rake. These features allow you to separate out the larger materials from the fines, for example removing bricks from soil or pea shingle. The rake tines also allow you to tear out overgrown shrubs, remove unwanted turf and rake the surface ready for further planting or seeding jobs.

The Rhinox Rake Riddle Bucket - Our Stand-out Features

The Rhinox rake riddle bucket truly stands out from others on the market, with its innovative design and superior performance. So lets dive into the key features:

Heavy Duty Construction with a Lifetime Guarantee

Rhinox rake riddle bucket sat on a pallet

Manufactured with durability in mind, the Rhinox rake bucket is built to last. Its heavy-duty top tube and reinforced steel frame ensures longevity, even in the most challenging working conditions. The distinctive design incorporates a reinforced support plate across the tines that provides extra strength and rigidity, preventing the tines from bending or buckling and making it ideal for sifting and sorting materials such as rocks, roots, and debris.

As a testament to the quality build, the Rhinox rake bucket comes with a lifetime guarantee on the welds, to provide you with the confidence that it's built to last.

Top: Rake riddle bucket on the ground. Bottom: Rake riddle bucket mounted to a kubota digger

Grading Bucket-Style Shell

The unique grading bucket style shell allows you to sift and separate large amounts of materials in one scoop, dramatically increasing the productivity and efficiency of the job. Not only this, the wider, curved shell design provides a larger surface area to be able to transport awkward objects, such as fence posts, across sites. The rake riddle pairs perfectly with a hydraulic thumb to clamp objects in place while moving.

Extended Tines with 2 Inch Spacings

The tines of the Rhinox rake riddle bucket extend beyond the lip plate to make raking out overgrown or unwanted plants easier. It also allows you to remove turf and rake through top soil ready for planting or seeding. The 2 inch wide spaces between the tines ensure that the finer materials can pass through while larger objects are retained in the bucket. These features make it ideal for any landscapers or gardeners to get a profiled finish.

Removable Pins & Dedicated Hangers

As you know, not all diggers and hitches are made to the same pick up specifications. To ensure our rake riddle buckets can be utilised across the industry, we have manufactured them to suit the most common machine makes and models on standard 2-pins from 0.75 tons to 8 tons, including Bobcat, Kubota, JCB and Deere. Alongside this, we have also manufactured our rake riddle bucket to suit the US's most popular dedicated hitches, Martin Hitch and Safelock Hitch, which are available to purchase on our website.

Rhinox rake riddle bucket on a fork truck ready to be packed and shipped out

4-7 Business Day Delivery

In the fast-paced world of landscaping and construction, the ability to offer 4 to 7 business day delivery on essential attachments like the rake riddle bucket is a game-changer for your productivity. Downtime on projects can be a major headache, leading to lost productivity and increased labour costs, so our quick delivery service allows you to remain on track, ensuring that you receive your much-needed tools promptly. Not only does this help avoid costly delays but provides you with the edge you need to stay competitive in a fast-paced industry.

When it comes to material separation, precision finishing and efficiency on the job, the Rhinox rake riddle bucket is a reliable and durable tool. Let us help you upgrade your equipment today and experience the difference this exceptional attachment can make to your projects. If you want to know if we manufacture our rake riddle bucket for your digger, check out our full range here. For further information on the Rhinox rake riddle bucket or to see one in action, check out more of our content below.

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