Land Rake, Riddle Bucket VS Rake Riddle Bucket

Land Rake, Riddle Bucket VS Rake Riddle Bucket

A standard land clearance rake acts similarly to a comb – raking over the surface and bringing sorted materials into a pile. These attachments are often used by landscapers and groundworkers to clear the ground prior to further landscaping and building in order to quickly and easily remove small shrubs, brambles, rubbish and more without removing too much soil.

Skeleton buckets are designed with a slotted back. This feature is used for sorting aggregate and soil. This bucket offers an efficient way to riddle stones and bricks from soil and aggregate on site, cutting down on the need for expensive muck-away and allowing for unwanted aggregate to be recycled.

As the name suggests, the rake riddle bucket is the combination of a land clearance rake and riddle bucket in one. The rake style tines and riddle bucket style body create the perfect tool for landscape clearance – giving you the option to rake, riddle and clear material, such as: stones, rocks and roots in one movement.

When should you use a Rake Riddle Bucket?

We recommend using a rake riddle bucket instead of a standard riddle bucket when clearing large areas. This attachment enables multiple processes to be carried out in one action, speeding up process time. This ideal bucket can get up stubborn roots, while sorting materials in one action – saving the cost of maintaining and utilising two separate buckets. The rake riddle is also effective at clearing dykes and drains, pulling out weeds and other accumulated, unwanted material to help amend blockages.

These versatile attachments have been developed with landscapers in mind. Whether that be preparation for groundworks, civil engineering works, drainage or other projects that require ground/site clearing in view of development. They can also be utilised by anybody in need of general maintenance vegetation control. We recommend the use of these attachments to all ground workers.

What machines are Rhinox Rake Riddle Buckets compatible with?

Rhinox Rake Riddle Bucket Fabrication. Post welding, pre-painting.

Rhinox currently produce rake riddle buckets for all common machines, including: JCB, Volvo, Hitachi, Bobcat, Takeuchi, Kubota and more. Use our  machine selection tool to find your excavator.

The size of the attachment is dependent upon the machine weight and is relative to the task being carried out. We manufacture these attachments for 1k to 9k machines. In order to maintain quality and effectiveness, the attachment size increases with the size of the machine it is being manufactured for – i.e., the bigger the machine, the bigger the rake riddle bucket attachment. At our warehouse in England, UK, Rhinox have a large workshop facility utilised by our dedicated fabrication team to manufacture our products, which includes, a custom-built paint shop.

The lead time of a Rhinox rake riddle bucket average at 5-7 days, this can vary depending on the level of production at the time of order. We stock standard widths and hanger set ups, however machines with specific, non-standard dimensions may affect overall production time. Please enquire at the point of order for a more accurate lead time.

Frequently Asked Question:

Should I use a Pin Grabber Coupler with the Rake Riddle Bucket?

Rhinox suggest using a Pin Grab Coupler to connect your machine and attachments as it protects the dipper end from wearing, twisting and links bending. But, if you're planning to use your Rake Riddle Bucket for a lot of riddling and sifting, we recommend that you directly mount your attachment to your machine as the action of riddling will cause wear to your Coupler which can be much more expensive to replace than your dipper end parts.

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