5 Best Uses for your Rake Riddle Bucket - Excavator Attachments for Landscaping

Using a Rake Riddle Bucket on your Excavator

The Rake Riddle Bucket is fast becoming one of the most popular landscaping attachments for your excavator. They're a combination of the Land Clearance Rake and Skeleton Bucket so you can do twice the amount of work with just one attachment! If you've considered getting your own but aren't sure whether you're going to get the best use out of it then we're here to help. We're going to go over the 5 best uses for your Rake Riddle Bucket to help you decide whether this attachment is right for you. Continue reading to find out more.

5 Best Uses for your Rake Riddle Bucket

Overgrown Grass

1. Removing brush & overgrowth

Your Rake Riddle Bucket performs similarly to your standard Land Clearance Rake so it can do very similar jobs. The tines on a Rake Riddle Bucket are narrower and much closer together so they're perfect for pulling out overgrown brush or long grasses. The narrow tines means they get a good grip of the material and can pull it out straight from the roots. The Rake Riddle Bucket isn't as heavy duty as the Land Clearance Rake so it may struggle to remove larger bushes with thicker roots buried deeper in the ground.

Removing Grass / Turf

2. Removing lawn grass

The narrow tines of your Rake Riddle Bucket are extremely effective at scaping grass off the top of the ground. Like in your yard, where you might want to remove the turf to build a wall or lay a patio; in parks to lay wood chippings or build a new play gym or even on a sidewalk to extend the walkway. Removing just the surface grass is helpful if you're wanting to keep as much of the dirt as possible.

Creating Tine lines before turfing

3. Finishing & Surface Prep

Not only can the Rake Riddle Bucket remove surface level material but they can also comb through the top layers of dirt to remove any unwanted objects below the surface, like tree roots, trash, broken bricks or large rocks. The 2" gaps between the tines let the dirt and smaller rocks through so you can separate out the unwanted material. The Rake Riddle Bucket can also leave neat tine lines on the surface of the dirt, ready for laying new turf and comb out any materials like wood chippings on finishing projects.

Rake Riddle Bucket Riddling out Material

4. Riddling out material

As well as performing like a Land Rake, it can also be used like a Skeleton Bucket to separate large objects from the dirt or smaller materials. Like mentioned above, the narrow tines let you shake through any smaller material like dirt and small rocks, and collect large material in the attachment, like trash, large rocks, roots and even the turf that you've removed from the surface. The Grading Bucket style shell lets you scope up large amounts of material so you can separate your materials even faster. Not only can you separate material, you can also use it to clear debris and blockages from ditches or drainage trenches. The debris will be removed from the ditch, while the water drains through.

Carrying Logs

5. Carry Material

It may seem obvious to put large objects inside your excavator buckets and attachments to move them from point A to point B, but the Rake Riddle has long tines and a Grading Bucket style shell to make carrying large or long objects like tree stumps, logs or fence posts even easier. This can be extremely useful in garden projects where you're putting up a new fence, building a pergola or even creating a fire pit out of unused materials. This saves you from hauling around heavy or unusual objects and it'll save you time too!

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The Rake Riddle Bucket really is one of the best multiple purpose land clearance and ground preparation excavator attachments on the market. We believe they're an essential attachment for any regular landscaper or landscaping business as you get two attachments in one with so much variety on how to use them. If you want to know more about Rake Riddle Buckets or want to purchase one for yourself, take a look at our full range here. Or give us a call on tel: +1 267 861 0812