Rhinox 12" Digging Buckets - Your Essential Excavator Attachment!

Why is the 12" Digging Bucket an Essential Excavator Attachment?

The 12" / 1ft / 300mm Digging Bucket is not regularly sold with excavators if you're purchasing from an American Dealer, which also means that if you're purchasing your machine second hand, it probably won't have a 12" Bucket either. Unless the previous owner bought one as an extra. But you might be thinking, 'A 12" Digging Bucket? Why is that essential?'. There are a couple of reasons why this bucket could make your life much easier, improve your productivity and therefore help you complete your jobs faster. In this article we will go over these reasons so that you know if the 12" Digging Bucket is essential for you. Continue reading to find out more.

Reason 1: Job Versatility

Digging Trench

The 12" Bucket is one of the most versatile attachments because of it's size. Whether you have a 1,600 Lbs excavator or a 20,000 Lbs excavator, this bucket can be used for many of your essential digging jobs. It is a great width for digging narrow trenches used for laying water pipes or large quantities of cables. It is wide enough to be able to lay your utilities without over digging and having too much dirt or material to put back.

Some of it's other uses are creating animal feeding troughs, extending outdoor lighting or power from one area of your property to another, and even digging flower beds in the yard. The 12" Digging Bucket can be useful for many industry specific projects, from ranches to new housing developments to mobile home plots. Anywhere where you need a narrow trench, this attachment is perfect for you.

Reason 2: Product Versatility

Flat Bottomed Narrow Trench

This bucket can be used for many different jobs but the bucket teeth that they come with as standard might not be suitable. Using teeth on your bucket is the best choice when you're digging in hard or compact ground. The teeth help to penetrate the material and pull it apart with ease.

Using a blade on your bucket is a great choice when you want to create a smooth finish to your digging project, like the bottom of a trench or a flower bed in your yard. The straight edge creates the clean finish that you desire, rather than the broken up and uneven ground that the toothed bucket would create. Another option is the Uni Tusk Blade. This is a Rhinox development which is the best option for when you're digging near utilities. It's designed to deflect cables away from the bucket, to reduce the chance of cable strikes. If you want to know more about this attachment, click here.

So, if you think the 12" / 1ft / 300mm Digging Bucket could help improve your productivity, efficiency and overall finish, take a look at our bucket selection online. Click here to view Rhinox Digging Buckets.

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