How can I stop my excavator buckets being mixed up, taken or stolen?

How can I stop my excavator buckets being mixed up, taken or stolen?

If you own an excavator rental company then you'll probably understand the problem of getting the correct equipment back from a customer at the end of the rental. You've probably had experience with sending a machine to a jobsite where there are multiple others - you go to collect your excavator and buckets at the end of the rental and they are not yours! OR you have sent somebody to go and collect them and the buckets brought back aren't the right ones. The worst part is, the buckets that are returned to you are probably in worse condition than the ones that you sent, or they might even be the wrong size buckets for that machine entirely! We understand this problem and can offer a couple of options to help make your bucket and attachment management easier! Keep reading to find out our best solutions...

Option 1: Coloured Buckets

Our most common option for keeping track of your buckets and attachments is having them painted a custom colour. Most excavator attachment manufacturers will sell their products as a standard black colour, but Rhinox can paint yours any colour of your choosing.

Coloured Buckets

Painting your buckets and attachments a different colour than the industry standard (black) means that yours will stand out from everybody else's. If they're painted bright red for example, it will be much easier for you, your collection team or your customers to identify which attachments belong to your company and which belong to somebody else. Meaning that the chances of you receiving the correct buckets back is instantly higher and much, quicker and easier. You no longer have to mess around with buckets that don't fit your machine or trying to get hold of the correct ones - it can instantly go back out on a rental.

Your next worry might be 'Why would I want them to stand out? Aren't they more likely to be stolen?'. In fact, it would be the other way round. The easily recognisable coloured paint would make it much quicker to identify which are your buckets. Which also means they are much more difficult to hide. People will be deterred from stealing your buckets and attachments if they can be easily identified!

What is the best colour to choose?

All of the paint colours that we use perform to the same standard so choosing your colour based of performance isn't necessary. But you could select your custom colour to match the colour of our excavator, so if you have a grey and red to Takeuchi, you could have your attachments painted red to match. Or you could request them to be painted to match the branding of your company - for example if you have a green logo, you could have them painted green to match! You could even colour coordinate the size of your buckets, so all of your 1k Lbs buckets are painted yellow, 3k Lbs painted blue etc making it much quicker and easier to identify which buckets belong to which machine as well as which buckets are yours! See the images below of some of our previous coloured bucket and attachment examples.

Rhinox Coloured Buckets and Attachments

Our custom painting service comes at a small additional fee. If you would like more information or a quote, contact

Option 2: Fleeting Numbering / Custom Badges

Another option to manage your buckets and attachments and make it easier to keep track of what belongs to you / your company is through Fleet Numbering or Custom Badges. 

Rhinox Custom Coding

Another easy way to manage your excavator equipment is to weld a custom code or badge onto your buckets and attachments. You can either provide us with an ID badge or a code, which we can weld to your products. We usually recommend that the code has relevance to your company so that they are easy to identify by you or your customer. This can be anything from your company name or initials, the size of the bucket or machine it's designed to fit.

This custom identification means that when your excavator and attachments are being collected or returned from a site, you can look for the badge / code to identify if those buckets and attachments belong to you and whether they have come back with the correct machine. This once again keeps processing times down and means you can get it sent onto it's next hire as quickly as possible to reduce machine downtime.

As well as our custom painting service, our Fleeting Numbering comes at a small additional fee. If you would like more information or a quote, contact

If you want to know more about how you can customise your buckets and attachments, watch our video above.

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