Can I use a Jack Hammer on my Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler? Will it void my warranty?

Can I use a Jack Hammer on my Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler?

The short answer is...yes. But it isn't recommended by many manufacturers.

It is physically possible to use a Jack Hammer, Breaker, Pecker or similar attachment on your Excavator. It will allow you to speed up your attachment changes if you're swapping between your Hammer and another bucket or attachment. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

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Jack Hammers are a very hard-wearing attachment as they have to produce a lot of power and rapid movement to break through tough grounds. They operate at 400 - 2000 bpm (blows per minute) to enable you to tear through the ground before you go in with your bucket or other attachment. Imagine digging with your bucket 400 - 2000 times per minute...It is a lot of force being forced through your excavator, excavator arm and coupler (if you have one attached).

This will obviously cause a lot of movement onto the hitch, causing parts to rub, jolt and wear, potentially causing parts of your hitch to become worn beyond use or damaged beyond repair. 

Will I void my warranty if I use a Jack Hammer on my Coupler?

Can i use a breaker on my hitch?

Most manufacturers will have a clause in their Coupler Warranty that confirms that if you misuse, abuse or neglect your coupler by using it in scenarios that put it under excessive force, like with the use of a Hammer, then you will void your Coupler warranty.

Your Rhinox Coupler Warranty will also be deemed void if faults occur due to unauthorised modifications like drilling, welding or cutting; damage is caused due to failing to follow transportation, storage, cleaning and operating instructions outlined in the user manual and if there are replacement or repair of coupler components (whether they are genuine or non-genuine components). Other manufacturers will have similar terms in their warranty policies, so it is best to check these before carrying out any further action.

What if I use a Jack Hammer a lot?

If you use a Jack Hammer, Hydraulic Breaker or Pecker a lot, we recommend directly mounting your attachment to your excavator. This means that, although it will take you longer to switch between attachments, you're not investing in a Coupler that will inevitably break through misuse and abuse. It also means the potential for safety issues are reduced as there isn't a Coupler to break or fail while in use.

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