Do Rhinox offer warranty on buckets and attachments?

Do Rhinox offer warranty on buckets and attachments?

Our aim is to provide the best quality excavator buckets and attachments every time. But if, in the unlikely event, you have a product that is faulty or fails, our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Weld Warranty

To show our commitment to providing the best quality products, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all the welds on our products. This means. that if a weld fails due to poor quality welding, we will either:

1) Send you a brand new, replacement product
2) Retrieve and repair your product on our site
3) Find a reputable welder in your area to repair your product on your site or at a nearby facility.

Mechanical Coupler / Quick Hitch Warranty

As well as Weld Warranty, we also guarantee a 12-Month Warranty Period on our Mechanical Pin Grabber Couplers / Manual Quick Hitches. This means that we promise to repair or replace any faulty Coupler, in which we consider to be caused by defective materials or workmanship within 12-Months from the date of sale (at no additional cost). There are, however, exceptions where this warranty would be deemed void. These include:

  • Faults caused by unauthorised modifications (drilling, welding, cutting or distortion of materials in any form)
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or falling (e.g.: using Coupler with a Breaker, Skeleton Bucket or similar harsh actions)
  • Damage caused by failing to follow transportation, storage, cleaning, operating instructions or anything mentioned in user manual
  • Replacement or repair of components due to fair wear and tear
  • Any consequential damage or wear from the use / fitting of non-standard components

See full returns policy here. If you require more information about the guarantees or warranty that Rhinox Group offer, contact our Customer Support Team at or tel:+1 267 861 0812