The Rhinox Uni-Tusk / Utility Bucket: Saving lives, money and downtime!

The 3 of the most major things that all utility contractors have to consider when planning any kind of work - Employee and surrounding personnel safety, how to save money while carrying out the work, and how to reduce the risk of down time - Rhinox has the answer!

The problem..

Typically, contractors would use a digger bucket to reduce the chance of cable strikes happening. The problem? This weakens the overall integrity of the bucket, reducing the life span of the bucket considerably. Not only this, but while developing our innovation, we did some testing that proved that no teeth at all could actually cause more damage to the cable in comparison to having normal digging teeth. The testing procedure can be seen in the video below.

The solution..

The Rhinox Uni-Tusk innovation! Designed to reduce the chances of penetrating cables and retain the strength of the bucket. The solid, curved edge helps to deflect cables away from the bucket and bucket edge while digging, rather then penetrate and damage like a standard digging bucket would - which creates serious health and safety issues, such as potential cable strikes and exposed wires.


CREDITS: Written by Josh Sprakes of Rhinox-Group. Find the original article here: The Rhinox Uni-Tusk: Save Lives, Save Money, And Save Downtime! – Rhinox-Group