All about Rhinox Digging Buckets

All about Rhinox Digging Buckets

Rhinox Digging Buckets are made with high quality steel for use on even the harshest of jobsites. There are numerous components to these buckets that make them some of the best Mini Excavator Buckets on the market - across the world! Keep reading to find out how these buckets can last you a lifetime...

Feature 1: Additional Wear Protection

One of the main features of Rhinox Digging Buckets that make them last longer than the average bucket, is the additional Wear Plates and Wear Straps that we add to ALL Rhinox Digging Buckets. These plates add an extra layer of steel to the stress points of your bucket - the areas of the bucket that make the most contact with the harsh materials or conditions. The Wear Plates are located on the outside edge of the bucket - this is recognisable by the Rhinox rhino branding. And the Wear Straps are located underneath the bucket, across the width of the bucket. Both of these add an extra layer of steel to extend the life of your bucket and help extend it's lifetime.

Rhinox Digging Buckets Features

Feature 2: Reinforced Leading Edge

As well as additional wear protection, all our Digging Buckets are made with Reinforced Leading Edges to protect the front edge while digging. As you know, the face of the bucket is the area that gets the most abuse when dragging through rocks, dirt and other material. So, it is essential to reinforce this edge so that it doesn't becoming unnecessarily worn or damaged - we double the thickness of this edge to maximise the strength and durability so that you can get the most from your bucket.

Feature 3: Single Piece Shell Design

Rhinox Digging Buckets have a one piece shell design. Simply speaking, a one piece shell adds structural strength through a reduction in stress points. The curved, back of the bucket is one solid piece of steel. This design means all of the welds are easily accessible from the outside of the bucket. This ensures our welders are able to get a good quality weld, so there is a significantly lower chance of the weld failing from poor workmanship. In the unlikely event that a weld does fail due to poor quality materials or inadequate welding, we offer a lifetime guarantee on ALL welds. For more information on this, click here.

Feature 4: Drilled Lip Plate

All Rhinox Digging Buckets come with Bolt on Teeth as standard - this means that the lip plate of the bucket is drilled as standard too. This gives you the option to remove and replace the teeth if they get worn or damaged, or replace the teeth with a Bolt on Blade for when you need a flat edge to the bucket. We would also recommend fitting a Bolt on Blade to your Digging Bucket (or Grading Bucket) if you are using it without teeth so that you protect the lip plate from wear or damage. If the lip plate gets damaged it is a lot more difficult to repair than just replacing a protective Bolt on Blade. For more info about Bolt on Blades, watch the videos below:

Feature 5: Bucket Hooks

We manufacture our Digging Buckets with Bucket Hooks to make moving multiple buckets are once much easier, quicker and safer! The Hooks allow you to use a flat edge bucket, like your Grading Bucket / Ditch Cleaning Bucket, to hook underneath and lift your Digging Buckets off the ground. The Hooks are designed to reduce manual handling of buckets on and off trailers and across site, and stop any uneven stacking. We manufacture our Bucket Hooks as part of our hangers / brackets so that there is no room for weld failure. Sometimes welds will fail or become damaged through extreme use, such as: overweight loads or consistent use in harsh conditions. So, to avoid this possibility, we stay away from using any welds within the hanger / bracket to stop unnecessary stress on the area. Manufacturing the hooks on the hangers adds extra distance between the hook and the ground to avoid penetrating utilities in the ground while digging. 

Feature 6: Removable Bucket Pins

You will find that some manufacturers weld the bucket pins into the bucket hanger. We avoid manufacturing our buckets in this way as it can cause you problems in the future. Bucket pins are one of the first places on your bucket to wear or become damaged because of the amount of force and friction put through them when changing buckets and attachments and during use.

We use Removable Pins on all standard hanger set-up buckets. They are secured in place with nuts and bolts to allow you to quickly and easily remove them when they become worn. This reduces your downtime and saves you money on replacing your bucket if you can't remove your pins. Welding in pins makes it considerably more difficult to remove them from the hanger and can take considerably longer. If you can't remove the pins you may end up having to scrap the entire bucket and buy a whole new one.

For more information about the Key Features of Rhinox Digging Buckets or the Top 7 Questions Customers Ask, watch the videos below: