5 Flood Prevention Excavator Attachments

5 Flood Prevention Excavator Attachments

In areas prone to devastating floods, mini excavators and excavators prove to be invaluable in efficiently clearing debris and creating new drainage systems to protect against future issues. When paired with the correct attachments, these powerful machines are essential for flood prevention and recovery. From clearing out ditches and rivers to digging new drainage channels in yards and driveways. Continue reading as we discuss the top 5 excavator attachments that we would recommend to help combat flooding.

Rhinox rake riddle bucket separating grass from smaller materials

Attachment 1: Rake Riddle Bucket

Flooding in rural areas is usually made worse by overgrown vegetation in ditches and trenches causing the flow of water to slow down and back up. The rake riddle bucket is the perfect attachment for tearing out these overgrown and unwanted grasses, as the tines allow you to get below the trench bed to remove the vegetation from the root. The slotted back, resembling that of a standard skeleton bucket, enables you to scoop out material while draining away water. This eliminates the need to transport or dispose of large quantities of water.

Rhinox land rake

Attachment 2: Land Clearance Rake

When faced with more substantial vegetation, such as bramble bushes, the land rake proves to be your better option due to it's heavy-duty construction. In comparison to the rake riddle bucket, the land rake has much thicker tines and a more durable, robust frame for clearing stubborn material. This also makes it an invaluable tool when dislodging larger items than can become lodged under bridges or across rivers, like trees or even items like abandoned bicycles.

Rhinox ripper tooth tearing through stubborn rocks

Attachment 3: Ripper Tooth

When faced with the challenge of removing stubborn tree roots or submerged boulders, the ripper tooth is highly recommended. Ripper teeth provide superior strength compared to your traditional rakes and buckets, allowing for greater force to be used when dislodging stubborn objects. The small endpoint ensures effective leverage when trying to get under the object to remove it.

Rhinox grading bucket with drainage holes

Attachment 4: Grading Bucket

In flood prevention and recovery, the grading bucket is ideal for laying aggregate into drainage trenches, which ensures the protection and optimal performance of drainage pipes during heavy downpours. The grading bucket, or ditching bucket as it's also known, has a long, flat edge which is preferred for rebuilding and levelling collapsed banks. Grading buckets with drainage holes perform similarly to rake riddle buckets, efficiently removing debris while letting water drain through.

Rhino micro trenching bucket digging narrow trenches for drainage pipes

Attachment 5: Micro Trenching Bucket

If you're looking to instal small drainage systems in areas like gardens or driveways, the micro trenching bucket is your go-to attachment. The micro trencher allows you to quickly and easily dig much narrower trenches then you would be able to with a standard digging bucket. They are usually available in 3" to 6" wide which allows for precise installation of small drainage systems in a much short space of time due to reduced digging time.

We hope this guide provides practical insights for both addressing immediate challenges and preparing for the future. By investing in the right tools for your excavator, you can enhance your ability to respond effectively to flooding incidents. For more advice on any of these products do not hesitate to get in touch, or check out more of our content down below.

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