5 Best Attachments for Mini Excavator Rentals

5 Best Attachments for Mini Excavator Rentals

Mini excavators are the ideal piece of rental equipment for home renovation projects, but if you own a mini excavator rental business then you already know this! Staying ahead in a competitive market requires more than just offering standard equipment. Today's customers demand versatility, efficiency and specialized capabilities from their rental providers. To meet these expectations and boost rental rates, investing in the right attachments for your excavator rental fleet is key. Join us in this post as we discuss the top 5 attachments your fleet should have.

Rhinox customer Cale Schindler's Bobcat E20 fitted with a Rhinox rake riddle bucket

Why do Excavator Rental Companies need attachments?

Excavator attachments allow your customers to perform various tasks beyond just digging, meaning they can do more with your equipment. Whether it's breaking through tough surfaces with ripper teeth or clearing debris with land rakes, attachments significantly expand the capabilities of the mini excavator. By offering a diverse range of attachments, you can cater to the needs of a whole range of industries. This ensures maximum efficiency and productivity on your customers job site which will increase your rental and customer return rates.

Top 5 Attachments for Mini Excavator Rentals

Rhinox autolock quick hitch coupler mounted to an excavator with a digging bucket fitted

Attachment 1: Quick Coupler

A quick coupler is a game-changer when it comes to efficiency and productivity. It allows your customers to quickly swap between buckets and attachments without the need to manually drive the pins in and out. The ease of changing between excavator attachments makes the project much more efficient and allows your customers to complete the job quicker and easier. This will inevitably enhance your customers satisfaction with your equipment and encourage repeat business for the future.

Rhinox's autolock quick hitch coupler is unique to the industry and features a ground-breaking, self-locking latch and internal safety pin. With this coupler, your customer only has to get out of the cab once to complete each attachment change, compared to twice with a normal mechanical pin grab coupler. So not only does this half the time it takes for your customer to change attachments, it also reduces the chance of them breaking or losing the safety pin on the job. Ultimately saving you money and time fixing or replacing a faulty quick hitch.

Attachment 2: Ripper Teeth

Ripper tooth fitted to an Excavator

Ripper teeth are invaluable for breaking up hard ground, compacted aggregate or asphalt, making them the ideal attachments for excavation projects in challenging terrain. Whether preparing sites for construction, trenching through rocky soil or reclaiming land, excavator ripper teeth provide your customer the necessary strength and penetration power to tackle tough surfaces with ease.

It is common for customers to require ripper teeth in home renovation projects so by offering this attachment you equip your customers with the tools they need to overcome obstacles and complete their projects efficiently! Offering a ripper tooth also provides your customer with a better option for breaking up solid ground which will ultimately protect your digging buckets from unnecessary wear and damage. This solidifies your reputation as a solution provider in the excavator rental industry.

Rhinox ripper teeth feature a removable tip that can be easily replaced when worn to ensure your customers remain efficient when digging and prevents damaging the structure of the attachment. Alongside this, the removable teeth are serrated which improves penetration ability when tearing through tough terrain, preventing unnecessary stress on the excavator during use.

Rhinox rake riddle bucket separately turf from dirt

Attachment 3: Rake Riddle Bucket

Landscaping and site preparation often requires the removal of debris, rocks and other unwanted materials. A rake riddle bucket combines the jobs of a land rake and skeleton bucket into one; allowing your customers to clear and sift through soil in a single pass. From site clean up to soil preparation for seeding, this attachment streamlines operations, saving time and effort for your customers while enhancing the overall quality of their work. With such diversity in its use, the rake bucket can be used by many, from builders to landscapers, making it an ideal attachment if you're looking to expand your customer base.

The Rhinox rake riddle bucket features 2" spaces between the tines which allows your customers to get an incredible filter and finish to the soil they're working with. Not only does this allow them to separate out materials as small as half a brick, but the narrow-spaced tines are also ideal for removing turf, combining out roots from the topsoil and carrying large objects like logs around site; making the rake riddle bucket the ideal attachment for a wide range of customer types.

Attachment 4: Micro Trenching Bucket

Rhinox micro trenching bucket digging narrow channels

In today's urban environments where space is limited and utility installations are common, micro trenching has become a go-to method for laying cables and pipelines. Equipping your fleet with a micro trenching bucket enables your customers to undertake these projects efficiently and with minimal disruption. The narrow profile of the bucket allows for precise trenching in confined spaces, making it a desirable attachment for utility contractors and for anybody looking to do some home improvements without causing too much ground disturbance.

The micro trenching bucket is a fairly new attachment to the excavator market with very few companies manufacturing them, which also means very few excavator rental companies offer them to their customers. So, if you're looking to stand-out in the market by offering a versatile attachment that is hard to find, a micro trenching bucket could be the ideal for your fleet of mini excavators. Rhinox offer a whole range of widths and depths of micro trenching bucket, from 3" up to 6" wide and depths of 15" or 27". We also manufacture our micro trencher with dedicated hangers to suit Bobcat x-change, Kubota quick attach and Deere wedgelock, so even if your excavators have a specific quick attach system we can help you out!

Rhinox tilt grading bucket with bolt-on blade

Attachment 5: Tilt Grading Bucket

Precision is paramount in grading and leveling applications, and a tilt grading bucket delivers unmatched accuracy and control. Its ability to tilt up to 45 degrees in both directions enables operators to precisely shape river banks, flower beds and even golf courses with minimal effort. By offering this attachment in your rental fleet, you provide an attachment that achieves professional-grade results. Whether they're working on road construction, landscaping or drainage projects, the excavator tilt grading bucket is ideal for your customer's jobs, having them come back to you for their next rental needs.

The Rhinox tilt grading bucket features numerous layers of wear protection, including a reversible bolt-on wear plate that attaches to the lip plate. This blade protects the edge of your bucket and the welds from wear or damage, ultimately extending the life of your bucket by ensuring it lasts as long as possible and keeping your maintenance and repair costs to a minimum.

By incorporating these 5 attachments into your mini excavator rental fleet, you not only expand your service offerings but also present your business as a trusted partner for contractors, landscapers and construction professionals. With enhanced productivity, versatility and performance, you'll attract more customers, increase rental rates and foster long-term relationships. Stay ahead of the competition and exceed your customer expectations by investing in the right attachments today. Explore more of what Rhinox has to offer below.

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