Rhinox Product Data Plates

Rhinox Product Data Plates

Whether you operate one machine, or have a whole fleet of rental excavators, Rhinox aims to save you time every day. But what are we doing to achieve this huge claim? Attached to every product that we manufacture is a product data plate. This data plate not only identifies the product so you know you have the right attachment for your excavator, but also provides important specifications like product weight and capacity, making it easier for you or the operator to know the equipment inside and out. But what information is included and why are they important? Continue reading to find out more.

1. Part Number

Excavator buckets come in various sizes and configurations, and the part number specifies a few key pieces of information such as: the machine it fits in tons, the width if it's a bucket, and any other important features like if it's fitted with greased pins, bucket teeth or a bolt-on blade. Each Rhinox bucket and attachment comes with a unique product part number, which is typically made up of letters and numbers. This number serves as a quick and easy way to identify the specific product in question.

Rhinox Data Plate Example

Example from Image: 4N36-USG-HD-BB

  • 4N = 4 ton excavator
  • 36 = 36" wide bucket
  • USG = US Style Grading Bucket
  • HD = Heavy Duty
  • BB = Bolt-on Blade

Whether ordering replacement parts, requesting support, or even identifying the correct size bucket or attachment for your machine, the product part number streamlines the entire process. This level of detail is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the best service. One of the primary reasons for having a part number is to indicate the compatibility of the bucket with a particular machine.

2. Serial Number

Serial Number

The serial number on the product data plate is a vital aspect of Rhinox's commitment to quality. With this number, we are able to trace the equipment's origins, including when it was made and the materials that were used to make it.

This traceability ensures consistent quality control and the ability to address any potential issues or recalls promptly. It also offers you a level of assurance that your equipment has been produced with precision and care. Serial numbers also act as a deterrent against theft. By tracking the serial numbers of your equipment, you have a unique identifier that you can report, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to recover stolen property and identify stolen equipment.

3. Weight


One of the most critical pieces of information on the data plate is the product's weight. Understanding the weight of the bucket is crucial when calculating the safe load capacity of your excavator. The combination of the machine's weight and the bucket weight determines how much material your excavator can safely lift and transport. This is critical in construction and excavation projects where exceeding the load capacity can lead to accidents and structural damage.

The weight also plays a significant role in maintaining the machine's stability. A bucket that is too heavy or too light can disrupt the excavator's balance, making it more susceptible to tipping over during operation. Knowledge of the bucket weight is essential for you to make an informed decisions about load capacity and working angles to prevent accidents.

4. Capacity


Another critical piece of information listed on every bucket that we manufacture is the capacity. Understanding the capacity of your bucket is critical for maintaining the safety and stability of your equipment and should be taken into consideration alongside the product weight. Overloading an excavator bucket can lead to the machine tipping over or equipment damage, risking the safety of the operator and those working nearby. The capacity data provided on your data plate gives a clear guidance on the maximum load your specific excavator bucket can handle, helping you avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Knowing the capacity is also essential for efficient operating. It determines the volume of material the bucket can hold and therefore how much material can be moved in a single pass. This information allows you to plan your project better, ensuring that you're not overloading the bucket, straining your machine or reducing efficiency.

Ensuring a Perfect Fit: Machine Fitment Guarantee

With every bucket and attachment that Rhinox manufactures is the Machine Fitment Guarantee that accompanies each product as standard. This guarantee is designed to provide every customer with confidence that our products will fit your excavator, if bought for the correct machine make and model. This also ensures that if you're purchasing the correct buckets and attachments for your specific machine that your product is designed to the operating specifications of your machine, so you are confident that you won't overload your excavator while operating. If you require more information about our Machine Fitment Guarantee check out our blog post featured below, or give us a call on (267) 861 0812 and we will be happy to help!

Learn more about our guarantees by clicking the images below: