Types of Excavator Bucket Pins & Best Uses

Types of Excavator Bucket Pins & Best Uses

Selecting the right type of pins for your excavator buckets and attachments is crucial. With various options available, understanding the differences between them and knowing when to use each type can significantly impact the performance and longevity of your equipment. In this guide, we'll explore the different types of excavator bucket pins and their ideal applications.

Greased Pins

Greaseable pins are a popular choice for mounting buckets directly to the excavator arm. These type of bucket pins are usually induction hardened and feature a greaseway down the side, allowing for proper lubrication of the pin to minimise wear on the pin, excavator and attachment during use. However, the greaseway can increase the chance of the bucket pin breaking so it's essential to note that greaseable pins should not be used in your buckets and attachments if your excavator is fitted with a quick hitch. They are best suited for directly mounting your buckets, attachments and quick couplers to the excavator to maintain lubrication between the bucket bosses and the excavator arm. This ensures smooth operation during use.

Non-Greased Pins / Dummy Pins

Non-greaseable pins, also known as dummy pins, serve specific purposes, particularly when a quick hitch is installed on the excavator. Unlike greaseable pins, excavator dummy pins are not designed for lubrication; instead, they are commonly used in buckets when a machine has a quick hitch fitted. Non-greased pins should also be used when fitting a jack hammer to your excavator due to potential for the greaseway of the greased pin to break during use. One notable advantage of dummy pins is their constructed from a softer grade of steel called EN8. This material choice helps reduce wear on the actual quick coupler, as it is preferable for the pins to wear out over time rather than the hitch itself. This makes dummy pins more cost-effective which makes replacing them cheaper and a practical choice for equipment maintenance.

Greased VS Non Greased Pins

Differences between Greased & Non-Greased Pins:

Differentiating between greased and non-greased excavator bucket pins primarily involves visual inspection and sometimes requires additional information from the manufacturer. Greased bucket pins typically feature grease fittings or lubrication channels along the shafts and heads, indicating their compatibility with grease.

In contrast, non-greased bucket pins typically appear as solid metal shafts without any visible grease fittings or lubrication channels. In some cases, consulting the manufacturer may be necessary to confirm the lubrication requirements of specific bucket pins.

Dog Bone Pins / Dumbbell Pins

Dog bone pins, also referred to as dumbbell pins, are used for converting attachments from one size of pin diameter to a smaller size of pin diameter, allowing them to be fitted across excavator sizes. Excavator dumbbell pins feature a unique design that allows for compatibility across different machine models. By removing the existing pins and inserting a dog bone pin, your attachments can be adapted to accommodate smaller pin diameter sizes.

Rhinox Dog Bone Pin

For example, multi-pin pick-up attachments, like pallet forks come with dog bone pins. Usually a sext of 5 to 9 ton excavator pallet forks are fitted with three sets of pins - 45mm, 50mm and 60mm pin diameter pins. As shown in the picture, the pin has a 60mm diameter at the ends of the pin to allow them to be secured to the attachment, but with a centre dimension of 45mm or 50mm to suit the smaller pin diameter of your excavator. This versatility streamlines equipment compatibility and enhances operational flexibility on job sites.

Understanding the distinct characteristics and applications of different excavator bucket pins is essential for optimising your equipment performance and longevity. Whether it's choosing greaseable pins for direct mounting, utilising non-greased pins with quick hitches or adopting dog bone pins for attachment versatility, selecting the right bucket pins can significantly enhance the efficiency and versatility of your excavator operations. If you require any further information about excavator bucket and attachment pins, or simply want to purchase replacement pins for your machine, do not hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to help with your orders and enquiries.

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