Top 3 Excavator Attachments for Utility Workers

Top 3 Excavator Attachments for Utility Workers

Whether you're new to excavators or have years of experience, you will know that there are a huge range of buckets and attachments available to you. From heavy duty earthmoving buckets, to much smaller and more precise attachments designed for specific jobs. All attachments have their own features and benefits that will make completing your projects a lot easier. Rhinox believe there are 3 specific excavator attachments that can make a Utility Workers job much easier. Keep reading this article to find out what these 3 attachments are.

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Our Top 3 Excavator Attachments for Utility Workers: 

1. Uni Tusk Bucket / Utility Bucket

Uni Tusk Blade

The Uni Tusk Bucket / Utility Bucket is a Rhinox innovation. It is a cast steel, bolt on edge that fits to the lip plate of your standard Rhinox Digging Bucket. This 550 HB (Hardened Brinell) blade has been designed to lock together the side plates and the lip plate of your bucket - rather than just the lip plate like a standard bolt on blade. Not only does this add strength, rigidity and improves the structural integrity of your bucket edge, it also stops the front of your bucket from becoming worn during use. It is proven to increase the lifetime of your bucket by 4 - 6 times. So, when you are continually digging in harsh conditions, this excavator attachment can save you money in the long run and protect your bucket edge from wear.

Another benefit of this blade is that it has been designed with curved edges to help deflect away from utilities when digging in the ground. Instead of penetrating them while digging, like your standard bolt on blade or bucket edge, it pushes away any cables in the ground to help reduce the chances of cable strikes. This means it is much safer to use near utilities, improving the health and safety on your site and assisting in protecting you while you work.

2. Micro Trenching / Deep Dig Bucket

Micro Trenching Buckets / Deep Dig Buckets

A Micro Trenching / Deep Dig Bucket is a much narrower and deeper bucket than your standard Digging Bucket. It was initially developed to help with laying Fibre Optic cables but is now used much more widely for extending water mains, laying pipes and creating small drainage trenches, as well as standard internet and electricity cables.

These buckets are capable of digging much narrower trenches which dramatically decreases excavation and backfilling time - perfect for jobs that require minimal disruption like when working around public footpaths. As well as speeding up jobs, it also saves money on the reinstatement of surfaces, such as: tarmac or concrete, as the area to be restored is much smaller.

Micro Trenching Buckets are typically available from 3" - 6" wide and at 400mm and 700 mm deep. The shell is usually much longer than your standard digging bucket as the headstock is wider than the width of the bucket which means it needs to be deeper for the headstock to remain out of the ground while digging. The Rhinox Micro Trencher has rhino heads cut out along the shell to allow compacted material to fall out easier. Currently, we manufacture our 3" wide Micro Trenchers with our Uni Tusk Tip to help with strength, durability and wear.

We stock a large selection of micro trenching and deep dig buckets for a range of excavators, browse the Hanix collection.

3. Frost Ripper Tooth

Alternative names: Ripper Hook, Ripper Claw, Frost Ripper, Ground Claw

Rhinox Ripper Tooth

The Frost Ripper Tooth is a narrow pointed attachment designed to penetrate solid ground. The single point makes sure all the power of your machine is put through the point for maximum strength and power into the ground. As well as breaking up solid ground, they are also extremely effective at pulling up concrete slabs, stubborn roots, rocks and old pipes in the ground.

We would recommend using a Frost Ripper Tooth before your standard Digging Bucket to break up the solid ground or move difficult objects so that you are less likely to damage your bucket when trying to dig in the harsh conditions or move stubborn objects. Using a Frost Ripper Tooth not only protects your buckets from wear but it also speeds up your excavation time by churning up the material first.

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