Rhinox Hanger Set-ups - Excavator Quick Attach

Rhinox Hanger Set-ups - Excavator Quick Attach

You might be asking "What dedicated bucket hangers do Rhinox make?". If you are, you've come to the right place. This post outlines the 3 main hanger styles that Rhinox offer. Not including the standard 2 pin bucket hangers that are available for all of our buckets and attachments. The 3 hanger styles are:

1. Kubota Quick Attach

2. Bobcat X-Change

3. Deere Wedgelock

Rhinox Kubota Quick Attach Buckets & Attachments RangeKubota Quick Attach

At Rhinox, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in manufacturing a diverse range of excavator buckets and attachments, all engineered to meet the highest industry standards. This includes the development of buckets and attachment for Kubota quick attach couplers. Our Kubota quick attach buckets and attachments range include: grading buckets and tilt grading buckets.

Bobcat X-Change Buckets & Attachments Range

Bobcat X-Change

Alongside our diverse range of excavator buckets and attachment for Kubota quick attach, we also manufacture a range to suit the Bobcat x-change quick attach system. From micro trenching buckets to skeleton buckets. To ensure you have confidence that your products are built to last, all out buckets and attachments also come with a lifetime guarantee on the welds. Our lifetime weld guarantee is our pledge to stand behind the quality of our products

Deere Wedgelock Quick Attach Buckets & Attachments Range

Deere Wedgelock Quick Attach

Our final dedicated quick attach hangers that we manufacture for is the John Deere wedgelock system. Some of a buckets and attachments for this range include ripper teeth, rake riddle buckets and land rakes. To ensure your Rhinox buckets and attachments fit seamlessly to your excavator we offer a Machine Fitment Guarantee for all Rhinox excavator buckets and attachments. This ensures you can confidently invest in your buckets and attachments knowing that they will fit seamlessly to your excavator.

Want to know more about our range of excavator buckets and attachments or simply need help placing an order? Get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help. For more information on our dedicated pick ups, check out our videos below.

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