Narrow Ditch Cleaning Bucket VS Wider Ditch Cleaning Buckets

Why is the Rhinox Ditch Cleaning Bucket wider than other Ditch Cleaning Buckets?

If you've ever looked at buying a Ditch Cleaning Bucket you may have noticed that they are available in a range of different widths. But the main difference, is that they can come as a Narrow Ditch Cleaning Bucket or a Wide Ditch Cleaning Bucket. There are pros and cons for both so continue reading to find out which might suit you best...

Advantages of Wide Ditch Cleaning Buckets:

Wider Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Move bulk materials - As these buckets are wider, it means they are able to hold more material. This is especially useful if you're trying to move a large amount of material from place to place, or if you're wanting to do it quickly.

Faster to level material - The wider bucket means you are able to level areas much quicker than you would if the bucket was narrower. You can cover more ground in a shorter period of time - which can be very beneficial if you're on a jobsite or if you have an excavator out on rental.

Drainage holes - Wider Ditch Cleaning Buckets have drainage holes. This allows the water to escape from inside the bucket if you're scooping wet material from ditches.

Ditching Cleaning Buckets manufactured in the US tend to be much narrower - this has a few Advantages:

Advantages of Narrow Ditch Cleaning Buckets:

Doosan Narrow Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Can work in small areas - As they are narrower, they can be used for landscaping small sidewalks and levelling in narrow areas, like between houses or buildings. Which is much more difficult with a wider bucket.

Weighs less - As the bucket is narrower, it is also lighter, which means that when you have material in the bucket (like muck or rocks), the overall weight is less. This helps your excavator to perform to it's best, as it's not being pushed to it's working limit.

Easier to load materials into small units - The narrower shell means you can load material into dumpers, trailers, wheelbarrows and other small areas without overspilling your material. This means there's less wastage and less overspill material to clean up!

Cost Saving - As the bucket is smaller, the amount of material needed to make the bucket is also less. This means that the overall cost to produce the bucket is lower so it can be sold at a cheaper price to you.

Potential Negatives of a Narrow Ditch Cleaning Buckets:

Narrow Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Smaller capacity - A narrower bucket means a smaller bucket. If you're wanting to move large amounts of material at once a narrower bucket would not be the best choice for you as it would take considerably longer! A wider Ditch Cleaning Bucket would be preferred...

Smaller profile - If you are wanting to level or profile a large area of land a wider Ditch Cleaning Bucket is the bucket you should use. Levelling land with a narrower bucket while take much longer, as the bucket naturally covers less ground.

Doesn’t have drainage holes - A Narrower Ditch Cleaning Bucket will not have drainage holes. This means that if you're digging in wet material or cleaning ditches, the material may clog up as there is nowhere for the water to drain from.

Other Benefits of the Rhinox Ditch Cleaning Bucket:

Rhinox Buckets

1. Centre Support - The potential downside of having a wider bucket is that the centre can weaken or bend due to the weight of the material. To combat this, we manufacture our Ditch Cleaning Buckets with a centre fin to support the bucket while digging. This also helps maximise the strength of the structure to stop any bending.

2. Reinforced Leading Edge - If you constantly use your buckets in harsh environments you tend to wear down the front edges of the bucket faster. To help with this, Rhinox have reinforced the leading edge with thickened steel to add strength, durability and resistance to reduce the wear caused through use.

3. Wear Plates - Similar to the Leading Edge, the sides of a bucket also face a lot of wear when digging in rough surfaces. Our Ditch Cleaning Bucket is manufactured with the Rhinox branding on the side plates which double up as wear plates for additional resistance and durability.

Read more about the benefits of the Rhinox Ditch Cleaning Bucket, or watch the video below.