Do Rhinox Bucket Teeth & Blades fit other manufacturers buckets?

Do Rhinox Bucket Teeth & Blades fit other manufacturers buckets?

All excavator buckets and attachments are made to different specifications depending on the manufacturer and their product designs. This means that dimensions, bolt holes, tooth placement etc will vary from one manufacturer to the next. The main areas that will vary between manufacturers is the number of bolt holes in the lip plate and the distance between these holes. Depending on where the holes are positioned will have a big influence on teeth and blade fitment. The images below show the different areas where the dimensions can vary between manufacturers. If these measurements are even a 1/4 inch different, the bolts and bolt holes of your teeth / blades won't line up and therefore won't fit your bucket.

Bolt Hole Dimensions

Rhinox Bucket Teeth and Blades are made to meet the specifications of Rhinox Buckets - we cannot guarantee they will fit other manufacturers.

Here at Rhinox, we have standardised the bolt holes for our bucket teeth and blades which means we can quickly and easily get the correct replacement parts sent out to you when required. Standardised bolt holes mean that the drilled holes in the lip plate of our buckets will be the same across that entire range.

E.g. All 12" Digging Buckets for a 3,000 lbs excavator will have bolt holes drilled in the same place. This makes sending the correct replacement parts out to you much easier and means we can guarantee they will fit. These bolt holes will vary in placement between manufacturers so we cannot guarantee that our teeth and blades will fit your bucket if it is made by another manufacturer.

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