Will the Rhinox Uni Tusk fit my Excavator Bucket? Which manufacturers does the Uni Tusk fit?

The Rhinox Uni Tusk for my Excavator Bucket

If you're wondering whether the Rhinox Uni Tusk will fit your excavator buckets, you probably already know what the Uni Tusk Blade System is. If you don't, it is an innovative, hardened steel blade that can be added to your bucket to reinforce the lip plate and leading edge and deflected cables during use in utility projects.

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Will the Rhinox Uni Tusk Blade fit my Bucket?

The Rhinox Uni Tusk / Utility Bucket Blade is made to meet the specifications of Rhinox Buckets.

Rhinox Uni Tusk Blade Bolt Hole Guide

The blade is designed to enclose the lip plate AND the leading edge of a bucket. This means that the blade slides over the end of your bucket and is secured in place with bolts through the holes in your lip plate and leading edge. The internal widths of the Uni Tusk Blade are made to suit the widths of a Rhinox Bucket Leading Edge and Lip Plate - these are not universal for all excavator bucket manufacturers! Manufacturers will use different widths and grades of steel to make their products, this means that the measurements of other manufacturers will differ to the measurements that will fit the Rhinox Uni Tusk.

The Uni Tusk Blade is secured to the bucket using the drilled holes in the lip plate and the leading edge of the bucket. Similarly to the widths and steel grade of the bucket, the drilled holes can vary in placement depending on the manufacturer of the bucket. This means that the holes on your buckets lip plate and leading edge may not line up with the holes on the Uni Tusk. This means that the Uni Tusk would be unable to fit or be secured to your bucket as the pin holes would be out of alignment so the bolts wouldn't go through.

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