What Is A Micro Trenching Bucket Or Deep Dig Bucket?

What Is A Micro Trenching Bucket Or Deep Dig Bucket?

What is a Micro Trenching Bucket?

A micro trenching bucket is a bucket that is narrower than the standard digging buckets, typically between 75 – 150mm or 3" – 6”. As it is a narrow bucket, it has to be longer or deeper, so that the headstock of the excavator remains out of the ground whilst excavating. This is because the headstock of the machine and therefore the top of the bucket, is wider than the main body of the micro trenching bucket. This is where the term “deep dig” comes from, as the buckets are generally used for services that are required to be sunk below the surface deeper than the normal digging bucket depth.

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Best uses for a Micro Trenching Bucket

These buckets can be used for a variety of applications and projects. The most common and popular being fibre optic work, which only requires a narrow trench. They can be used for running water mains across sites and are very useful on farms for both water and cable work and also irrigation. Another place where they are used is golf clubs, zoos, safaris parks and other animal centres for running pipework to feeding troughs in barns and across the fields or waste land.

If you are working on a utility contract, new fibre optic network cable installation, starting a new development on a site or just needing to extend water mains for either irrigation or animal feeding troughs, or even add or extend outdoor lighting or power, this is the ideal attachment to use. It is useful in many sectors including Nursery Plantations and greenhouses, open farms, new housing developments, industrial units and washdown facilities, agriculture and animal husbandry, public open spaces, recreation and sports facilities, holiday campsites and mobile home developments.

What are the advantages of Micro Trenching Buckets?

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the cost saving in a variety of ways. The main cost saving is in the time, as they are a very narrow bucket, the back filling and remediation work is a lot less. This means you are saving on the time taken for the project and also materials used, such as tarmac or whatever the top surface is. It also means there is reduced disruption time, this is particularly important where the project maybe in the public area, across drives or pavements. The time the clients will be affected is kept to a minimum, helping to keep the tensions down and maintain a positive relationship in the public eye.

Benefits of a Rhinox Micro Trenching Bucket

Our micro trenching bucket has been carefully designed to make your job as easy and as cost effective as possible. They are manufactured much narrower than your standard bucket to keep reinstatement costs and dig time down. Available in 15" or 27", at a width of 3" wide. These two depths give you a good guide to how deep you are while digging. For example, if you need a 400mm trench, you use the top of the bucket as guide, where it changes profile to accommodate the hanger top.

Micro Trenching Buckets

Our 3" wide Micro Trencher, has our Uni-Tusk style hardened tip, giving more wear resistance and giving the bucket extra life. This tip can also be replaced if required. They are also manufactured with our unique Rhinox 'rhino' cut out down the side of the bucket to stop the clogging of materials and help the bucket empty easier.

There are other products on the market today that compliment this product, the twin bladed floor saw that cuts through the top layer prior to any excavation, which is available in similar widths. Also, there is a narrow foot adaptor for the trench rammer. All these accessories help to speed your projects up, meaning you can cover more 1m’s per day, and bring greater revenues.

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