What is a Micro Trenching Bucket or Deep Dig Bucket?

Understanding Micro Trenching Buckets and Deep Dig Buckets

In the world of construction and utility installation, efficiency and precision are paramount. Among the various tools that have been developed to meet these needs, the micro trenching bucket, also known as a deep dig bucket, stands out. This blog post will delve into what a micro trenching bucket is, its advantages, best uses, and specifically highlight the features and benefits of the Rhinox Micro Trenching Bucket.

What is a Micro Trenching Bucket / Deep Dig Bucket?

Narrow roadside trench being dug with a Rhinox micro trenching bucket

A micro trenching bucket, also known as a deep dig bucket, is a specialized attachment used on mini excavators. Designed for creating narrow, deep trenches, these buckets are ideal for laying cables, pipes, and other utilities with minimal surface disruption. They feature a slender design that allows for precise and efficient trenching, making them particularly useful in urban areas where space is limited and surface restoration costs are high. Typically narrower than standard digging buckets, usually between 75 – 150mm (3" – 6"), micro trenching buckets are longer or deeper to ensure the excavator's headstock remains above ground while digging. This design prevents the wider headstock from interfering with the trenching process, thus coining the term "deep dig" as these buckets are used for services requiring deeper trenches than those made by standard digging buckets.

Top: 27 inch Rhinox micro trenching bucket digging a trench for piping. Bottom: Rhinox 15 inch micro trenching bucket digging a water pipe through a field

Best uses for a Micro Trenching Bucket

Micro trenching buckets are versatile attachments used for a variety of applications and projects. They are most commonly used for fiber optic work, which requires narrow trenches, and are ideal for laying utility lines such as fiber optic cables, electrical conduits, and water pipes. These buckets are particularly useful in urban environments where space is limited and minimizing surface disruption is critical. They are also valuable in roadworks, creating narrow trenches along roadsides for laying cables without causing major traffic disruptions. Additionally, they are handy for maintenance and repairs, allowing for quick and efficient upgrades to existing utility lines.

Beyond urban and road applications, micro trenching buckets are used on farms for running water and cables for irrigation and animal feeding troughs. They are also employed in golf clubs, zoos, safari parks and other animal centers for installing pipework to feeding troughs in barns and across fields or wasteland. Whether working on utility contracts, installing new fiber optic networks, starting new site developments or extending water mains for irrigation or animal feeding, micro trenching buckets are the ideal attachment. Deep dig buckets are also beneficial in sectors such as nursery plantations, greenhouses, open farms, new housing developments, industrial units, washdown facilities, agriculture, animal husbandry, public open spaces, recreation and sports facilities, holiday campsites and mobile home developments.

Advantages of Using a Micro Trenching Bucket

Cost-Efficiency & Minimal Surface Disruption

One of the biggest advantages of using micro trenching buckets is the significant cost savings they offer. These savings come primarily from the reduced time and materials needed for backfilling and remediation work due to the narrow trench created. This efficiency not only accelerates project completion but also reduces the volume of materials like tarmac required for surface restoration. Consequently, the disruption time is minimized, which is particularly beneficial for projects in public areas, such as across drives or pavements, where minimizing impact on clients and maintaining a positive public relationship is crucial.

Features & Benefits of a Rhinox Micro Trenching Bucket

Rhinox micro trenching buckets in 15" and 27" depths

Available Sizes

Rhinox micro trenching buckets are meticulously designed to make your job easier and more cost-effective. These attachments are significantly narrower than standard buckets, minimizing reinstatement costs and reducing dig time. Available in 15" or 27" depths with a width of 3" to 6", these options provide clear guidelines for digging depth. For instance, if you need a 15" trench, you can use the wider hanger profile to accurately gauge the depth.

De-clogging Technology

You might wonder, "Will these buckets get clogged up?" We've designed our micro trenching buckets with cut-outs along the sides to help release any material you're digging through. Loose dirt should easily fall out, but thicker, sticky materials like wet mud or clay might pose a challenge. For such conditions, we recommend using a clay spade instead. These have open sides, allowing the clay to fall out more easily. If you want to know more about our clay spade attachment, click here.

Left: Standard edge. Right: Rhinox uni-tusk

Hardened Tip

The Rhinox 3" wide deep dig buckets features our Uni-tusk hardened tip, which enhances wear resistance and extends the bucket's lifespan. This tip is also replaceable if needed. Additionally, our unique Rhinox 'rhino' cut-out along the side of the bucket prevents material clogging, allowing for easier emptying.

Machine Make & Model Availability

Rhinox micro trenching buckets are available with various mounting setups to suit your excavator make and model. We manufacture them to suit Kubota quick attach, Bobcat x-change and Deere wedgelock quick attach, as well as standard 2-pin setups compatible with your pin grab coupler or direct mount systems.

Micro trenching buckets, such as the Rhinox micro trenching bucket, offer a range of benefits for construction and utility projects, from precision and efficiency to cost savings and environmental sustainability. Whether you are working in an urban environment, laying utility lines or conducting maintenance and repairs, a deep dig bucket can help you achieve your goals with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Investing in a high-quality micro trenching bucket like those from Rhinox can significantly enhance the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your trenching operations.

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