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What is a Land Clearance Rake?

What is a Land Clearance Rake?

Alternative names: Land Rake, Root Rake, Digger Rake, Landscaping Rake, General Purpose Rake

What is a Land Clearance Rake? What is it used for?

A Land Clearance Rake for an excavator performs similarly to your standard garden rake or a comb. The attachment has been enlarged to enable attachment to your machine in order to cover a larger and more robust surface area. They are manufactured stronger and with curved tines so that you can dig through tough grounds and pull up any debris in or under the soil.

These attachments are often used by landscapers and groundworkers to clear the ground prior to further landscaping and building works and for bringing sorted materials into a pile. They are best used to quickly and easily remove small shrubs, brambles, rubbish and more without removing too much soil.

Rhinox Land Clearance Rake

The Rhinox Land Clearance Rake – all you need to know.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing excavator attachments, Rhinox are well placed to advise on the design and manufacturing process of the Land Rake and other buckets/attachments.

The most critical factor of a land rake is the tines - both the design used to develop the product and the material used to manufacture. The tines absorb the majority of the force exerted by the excavator, therefore taking the brunt of the work. So, it is important that the tines are made of high grade, quality steel in order to provide maximum wear resistance and durability during extensive groundworks and landscaping.

The thickness of the tines are also very important. This is often where manufacturers seek to cut corners, by manufacturing tines with an insufficient width. If not thick enough, the tines will buckle and bend during use and the attachment will fail and perform inadequately.

The final critical design factor is how and where the tines attach to the top of the rake body. This needs to be carefully designed and developed in order to ensure the joins are strong enough to prevent the tines from being torn off during operation.

The Rhinox Land Rake is manufactured with narrow tines to allow for the rake to move through the ground with less drag than a bucket – letting the fine dirt through, but raking up any roots that may get in the way. However, the tines remain thick enough to take the power of the machine, without bending, breaking or buckling. In order to further prevent this from occurring, we have developed our Land Rake attachment with an added centre bar, which provides extra support between the tines.

Rhinox Group manufacture the Land Clearance Rake to fit most makes and models of mini excavator machines from 1K to 4.5k lbs. View our full range here.

Our Land Clearance Rakes are made to order - there will be a lead time of 2-10 working days before dispatch. For more information contact our Customer Support Team at sales@rhinox-group.us or tel:+1 267 861 0812


CREDITS: Written by Catherine Jordan of Rhinox-Group Ltd. Find the original article here: What is a Land Clearance Rake? – Rhinox-Group