What is a Frost Ripper Tooth? Should I use a Frost Ripper Tooth on my Excavator?

What is a Frost Ripper Tooth? Should I use a Frost Ripper Tooth on my Excavator?

If you're looking for an answer to why you should use a Frost Ripper Tooth, you probably already know what this attachment looks like but might not know when it's best used. If you want to know how it can protect your equipment and why it is designed with a pointed end, continue reading or watch the video below.

When are Ripper Teeth best used?

Also known as a Ripper Hook, Ground Hook, Ripper Claw and Digger Claw, the Ripper Tooth is the attachment for you if you are trying to break up hard surfaces or remove stubborn objects from the ground. Ripper Teeth are used for penetrating and breaking up very hard ground but are also designed for digging out stubborn items such as rocks and tree roots buried in the ground. Other uses include breaking up frozen ground in areas with a colder climate.

How does a Frost Ripper Tooth actually work?

Rhinox Ripper Teeth

The Frost Ripper Tooth attachment is designed with maximum penetration in mind. The small endpoint focuses all of the power from your excavator into the tip which concentrates the power into one area of the ground. With the power focusing on one point, rather than multiple like your standard digging bucket, the maximum force and pressure is used to break up the solid, compact surface.

A Frost Ripper Tooth is designed to be used before your standard digging bucket to help protect your bucket from unnecessary wear or damage and prolong your bucket's lifespan. We recommend you use a Ripper Tooth to break up the ground first and then use your standard digging bucket to move and remove the materials from the ground. The tip of a Rhinox Ripper Tooth can be removed and replaced when it gets worn or damaged.

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