Rhinox's BRAND NEW Autolock Quick Coupler

Rhinox's BRAND NEW Autolock Quick Coupler

We're excited to announce the launch of our NEW and IMPROVED spring type hitch, the autolock quick coupler. Designed to simplify the attachment process, this mechanical pin grabber is made with a game-changing self-locking feature that promises to slash downtime and boost efficiency. In this blog, we'll break down what makes the Rhinox autolock quick coupler stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to manual hitch headaches and hello to a streamlined, time-saving solution. Continue reading to learn how this coupler is changing lives.

Rhino autolock quick hitch fitted with pins to suit a hydraulic thumb Yellow hi-vis latch and lever hole on the Rhinox Autolock Quick Hitch Rhinox autolock quick hitch featuring the LOLER tested lifting eye

What is an Autolock Quick Coupler?

The Rhinox autolock quick coupler introduces a game-changing self-locking mechanism, eliminating the need to manually remove the safety pin before and after coupling. This cuts your bucket and attachment change times in half compared to the standard mechanical pin grab coupler. Operators now only need to get out of the cab once to unlock the coupler, with the internal safety pin automatically locking the attachment in place when picked up and crowded in. This significantly reduces the time and effort traditionally associated with using a mechanical pin grab coupler and also contributes to a safer working environment as the operator spends less time out of the excavator.

How does the Autolock Quick Coupler work?

The autolock quick coupler does away with the manually operated safety pin that you would usually associate with a manual quick coupler. The autolock hitch is designed and built with an internal safety pin that means you will never lose it. This internal pin is powered by the latch and pressure sensitive finger that lock and unlock the coupler.

Step by step of how to use the Rhinox autolock quick hitch
Step 1:

Raise your attachment off of the ground and ensure the coupler is parallel with the ground. Insert the lever bar, into the yellow lever bar hole on the top of the hitch. Push the lever bar right and then down to lock the latch in the OPEN position. This will release the rear bucket pin. Lower your attachment towards the ground and unhook the front hook from the front bucket pin.

Step 2:

Use the front hook to pick up your next attachment. Slowly lift the attachment off of the floor and crowd in towards the excavator. This will activate the pressure sensitive finger located near the yellow rear latch, causing the latch to snap shut and the internal safety pin to automatically lock.

Step 3:

Perform a ground test by pushing your attachment into the ground to ensure it is securely attached. If your attachment disconnects, perform the above actions again to reattach. To disconnect, carry out Step 1 again.

Check out our videos below for more information about the Rhinox Autolock Quick Coupler:

Rhinox Autolock Quick Coupler - Features & Benefits
How To: Use the Rhinox Autolock Quick Coupler
Why did we update our Manual Quick Coupler design?

Features of the Rhinox Autolock Quick Coupler:

Top: Hi-vis latch and die spring. Bottom: Pressure sensitive finger and latch

There are a few main components of the Rhinox autolock quick coupler that allow for a smooth and seamless operation. First are the 2x bolt-in pins, which are designed to make attaching the hitch to your excavator quick and easy when ready to use. This also means that as the pins wear over time, they can be effortlessly removed and replaced, ensuring the hitch's longevity and reliability. Alongside this are the 400HB (Hardened Brinell) pick-up plates and hooks. Manufactured from hardened, wear-resistant steel, these components are built to withstand wear and potential damage during use.

Another critical feature of the Rhinox autolock hitch is the high visibility die spring and cast steel latch. These components are painted yellow to ensure maximum safety when in use, as it makes identifying if the components are engaged considerably easier. The coupler also features a latch greasing point, which provides a direct access point to ensure lubrication of the coupler. This is essential for maintaining the hitch's smooth movement and overall operational safety.

The self-locking feature of the Rhinox autolock coupler is powered by the pressure sensitive finger and spring-loaded internal safety pin. When the attachment pin makes contact with the pressure sensitive finger, this triggers the latch to automatically drop down. In turn, triggering the spring-loaded internal safety pin, which locks to secure the attachment pin within the latch.

Other Accompanying Components of the Rhinox Autolock Coupler:

  • Quick Coupler Lever Bar & Lever Bar Holder. Secure the bar inside the cab to reduce the chance of misplacing during operation.

  • Set of Shims (1mm, 2mm & 3mm). To ensure the coupler is securely fitted to your excavator.

  • Operation Manual & Maintenance Guide. Ensures the operator has comprehensive guidelines for proper operation and maintenance.

  • Operation Guide Sticker for inside the Cab. Provides a quick reference to the essential operational and safety guidelines.

  • Dipper Arm Safety Sticker. Provides a constant visual reminder of crucial safety protocols.

What's different about the Rhinox Autolock Quick Coupler?

Top: Lever bar of the Rhinox autolock quick hitch. Bottom: LOLER tested lifting eye

The Rhinox autolock quick coupler stands out from the various options available in the market, featuring components that enhance both your operational efficiency and time management. A key development lies in the design of the Rhinox autolock hitch, where a standard lever bar is required for operation. Typically, autolock couplers require a specialised lever bar for opening the latch, posing a challenge if the bar is misplaced. This issue can impede the smooth connection and disconnection of attachments to and from the digger. To prevent this potential downtime, we have designed our autolock quick coupler to utilise a standard manual hitch bar. These bars adhere to industry standards, ensuring easy replacement if the original is lost. Even better still, our coupler can be operated with any similar item, such as a piece of rebar, providing a cost-effective solution to avoid unnecessary delays.

Alongside this, the Rhinox autolock quick coupler offers another significant advantage of a LOLER tested lifting eye situated at the rear of the hitch. This lifting eye is rated to 250kg Working Load Limit and is equipped to take a 12mm D-shackle. Unlike many other manufacturers, Rhinox LOLER test the lifting eye to ensure its safety and functionality during operations. This feature proves to be a valuable addition to operational capabilities, enabling the safe movement of larger objects around site.

Purchase your own today!

Do you like the sound of quicker and easier bucket and attachment changes? Why not check out our range of autolock quick couplers. If you want some more information or to order with one of our sales team get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help!

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