What is a Manual Quick Hitch / Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler?

What is a Manual Quick Hitch / Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler?

The Manual Quick Hitch / Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler is most commonly used with construction machines to quickly change buckets and attachments, without the need to use a hammer or mallet to manually drive pins in and out.

Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch

It is known by many names including Quick Coupler, Mechanical Hitch, Bar Hitch, Manual Hitch, Quick Attach. Bucket and attachment changes can be as quick as taking a safety pin out and using a lever to open the latch, allowing your bucket to be un-hooked. Reducing your changes from 10 minutes, to 20 seconds.

The Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch / Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler is one of the most efficient ways to change digger buckets and attachments on a mini digger or excavator. Available for most common 0.75 to 3-ton machines (25mm pin up to 35mm pin). The improved Rhinox Quick Hitch combines industry leading designs, following extensive research, to maximises the best features and create an innovate piece of equipment to make attachment changes quicker and more efficient.

Benefits & Problems of using a Manual Quick Hitch

Benefits of a Manual Quick Hitch

Quick Hitch Demo

An excavator operator may change attachments up to 30 times a day in order so that they're using the right attachment for the job. So, using a quick hitch to quickly connect and disconnect buckets and attachments helps keep downtime low and keep the operator in the cab working as much as possible.

Using a Quick Hitch not only saves time, but also money on replacement parts. It helps protect your machine from unnecessary wear and tear, like knocking pins in and out which will cause you pins, bushes and potential your bucket links and tipping links to wear. The latch and spring system allows for an almost effortless attachment change as you only need to remove a pin and push down on the lever bar to open the latch. Our Manual Quick Hitch combines strength, durability and safety with a number of key features which help to minimise the risk of any harm being caused during operation, as well as providing a strong design to make your Hitch last as long as possible.

Potential Problems of a Manual Quick Hitch

Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch fitted to an Excavator

Using a Quick Hitch on a Digger / Excavator can cause the breakout force to be slightly reduced due to the extra length added to the end of the dipper arm. Breakout force is the amount of power put through the digger arm, and influences the strength and performance of the arm while in use. The extra length means that the operator must be careful not to strike the machine when crowding in when using a Quick Hitch but unless you have a very large attachment on the machine, you are unlikely to catch the machine with the attachment anyway.

To help reduce the loss in breakout force, the Rhinox Quick Hitch is a low-profile design - so the height of the Hitch is smaller than others on the market, to help keep the loss of breakout force down. Another problem that might occur is the Quick Hitch might fail to securely connect if the attachment is too big for the machine - the latch will be unable to fully lock around the pins so the safety pin will be unable to be inserted. If the latch and safety pin aren't locked in place, the quick hitch won't connect to your attachment and will swing open during use dropping the attachment.

Key Features & How To Use a Rhinox Quick Hitch

Watch our team talk about the Key Features of the Rhinox Quick Hitch and How To Use one here:

Do you want a Rhinox Quick Hitch? – All you need to know:

Rhinox Quick Hitch Features:

The Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch is made from hardened steel to create a heavy duty design. This makes sure your Hitch is strong, durable and safe. It is manufactured with a High Visibility Latch - bright yellow - so that you can clearly see when the latch is engaged with your bucket pins. To secure the latch in place there is a Captive Safety Pin - this pin has to be used to lock the latch before use. It is 'captive' which means it cannot be fully removed form the machine so there is no way you can lose it. We also include 2x Pins to attach your Quick Hitch to your machine and a set of Shims to make sure your hitch is tightly fitted to the machine - a loose hitch can cause where to the hitch and your excavator, as well as making it difficult to dig. To meet the EU Health and Safety requirements we provide a CE Certificate to prove that your Hitch is safe for you to use on your machine.

Rhinox Manual Quick Hitches

The Rhinox Manual Quick Hitch comes with multiple essential components to fit it to your digger / excavator. See the full list below:

Rhinox Quick Hitch Spares

If you require spare parts for your Rhinox Quick Hitch in the event something breaks or is misplaced, our Quick Hitch Spares Kit can be sent out for Next Day Delivery.

Rhinox Quick Hitch kit includes:

  • 1x Quick Hitch
  • 1x Set of shims
  • 2x Pins to attach Quick Hitch to machine
  • 1x Operation Manual and Maintenance Guide
  • 1x Declaration of Conformity
  • 1x Cab operation guide sticker
  • 1x Dipper arm safety sticker

Rhinox Quick Hitch Spares Kit includes:

  • 1x Latch
  • 1x Main Hitch Attachment Pin
  • 1x Safety Pin
  • 1x Linch / Lynch Pin

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question:

Should I fit a Quick Hitch to my Excavator?

People seem to think that there is no real need to fit a quick hitch to a mini digger or a mini excavator. This is because the buckets are generally not very big or heavy, and it is possible for the buckets to be man handled into place. This, however, is not advised. The 36” grading bucket for example is around 45kg. While that is a manageable, the HSE say that 30% of all injuries during manual handling occur at 25kg+.

Rhinox Customer Product review

Rhinox Quick Hitch Customer Testimonial / Review

“Fantastic product, fits perfectly. Well made. Made my life ten times easier!” - Jackeline Mitchell

“Fantastic service! The fit is exact, the build quality exceeds my expectations and instructions are clear. Good company, good service and good product.” – John W Crowell

“It all fit together perfectly. It used to take me 20 to 40 minutes to change buckets. That fact alone would keep me from using the right bucket for the job. The first time to change buckets took me approximately 2 minutes! It took longer to drive Over to the other bucket than it did to hook up.” – Harley Joe