Excavator Clay Spades - The Wet Ground Bucket

What is an Excavator Clay Spade?

A Clay Spade is an excavator attachment used for digging in sticky or wet ground, like clay or mud. It has a similar shape to your standard Digging Bucket, but without the sides. Why does it have no sides? If you've ever been digging in thick, wet or sticky material like mud, you'll know that it can clog up your bucket and is very difficult to remove without getting out of the excavator to dig it out yourself. This open sided bucket stops the attachment from clogging up while maintaining the digging ability needed to do the job.

Why doesn't the Rhinox Clay Spade have teeth?

Rhinox Clay Spade

During development, we found that having teeth on a Clay Spade can cause more issues than it's worth. The teeth, obviously, stick out beyond the spade edge and tend to get stuck in the material that you're digging through - which can cause attachment or excavator damage if pushed too far. So, we manufacture our Clay Spades with a flat, blade edge. This means that when you drag the attachment through the ground, it shaves off the surface material, rather than digging in and getting stuck.

Other features of the Rhinox Clay Spade:

Heavy Duty Side Plates - We have used specialist design software to design this product, to find the potential weak points and maximise the strength in these areas. We have thickened the side plates of the spade to make sure that the strength of the attachment isn't lost. This also helps to reinforce the whole attachment.

Bucket Hooks - Like all digging buckets at Rhinox, our Clay Spade has Transportation Bucket Hooks manufactured into the hangers. This means you can use your Grading Bucket / Ditch Cleaning Bucket to hook underneath the hooks and safely transport multiple buckets at once. For more information on our Bucket Hooks, click here.

Varying Widths - Rhinox Clay Spades are available in multiple sizes to best suit your job - available in 6", 9" & 12" wide. For 1.5 Ton / 3,000 lbs excavators only.

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