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Excavator Bucket Hooks - What are they & Why should you use them?

Excavator Bucket Hooks - What are they & Why should you use them?

What are Bucket Hooks? Why are they used?

Bucket Hooks, or Transportation Hooks as they are also known, are hooks mounted to a bucket to help you easily and safely move multiple buckets around a jobsite at one time! They reduce the need for manual handling of heavy buckets so that you can keep yourself or your operators safe from injury.

They also stop the uneven stacking and loading of buckets when moving equipment around site or when loading onto a trailer to be moved between jobsites. This reduces the chance of stacked buckets falling and damaging equipment or bystanders. 

How do Bucket Hooks work?

Usually, Bucket Hooks are mounted to your Digging Buckets. This is so you can line up multiple Digging Buckets at once and use the lip plate / front edge of your Ditch Cleaning Bucket to hook underneath the hooks and lift all of your Digging Buckets at once. Watch the video below to see Bucket Hooks in action:

Why are Rhinox Bucket Hooks attached to the hangers / brackets?

Here are Rhinox, we manufacture our Bucket Hooks as part of our hangers / brackets (see the picture below) so that there is no room for weld failure. Sometimes welds will fail or become damaged through extreme use, such as: overweight loads or consistent use in harsh conditions. So, to avoid this possibility, we stay away from using any welds within the hanger / bracket to stop unnecessary potential stress on the area. 

Rhinox Bucket Hooks / Transportation Hooks

Other manufacturers fabricate their Bucket Hooks onto the actual bucket shell. This can be dangerous as they can hit or penetrate utilities in the ground while digging due to the prominent positioning on the bucket hooks and the hooks being closer to the ground while digging. Manufacturing the hooks on the hangers adds extra distance between the hook and the ground to avoid these potential issues. 

How do I purchase Rhinox Bucket Hooks?

All Rhinox Digging Buckets come with Bucket Hooks as standard. To purchase your Rhinox Digging Buckets, click here.