Excavator Bucket Hooks - What are they & Why should you use them?

The Rhinox Bucket Hooks - Quicker & Safer Bucket Moving and an Excavator Hire Essential!

If you're an Excavator Hire company who have multiple excavators in your fleet, an individual who owns a personal excavator or you're somewhere in between then you probably know the struggle of having to move your excavator buckets from one location to another. You're probably used to unevenly stacking them inside each other or painstakingly tracking backwards and forwards to take your buckets to where you need them to be. We understood this issue and developed a solution. We manufacture all of our Digging Buckets with Bucket Transportation Hooks, but what are they and how can they help you? Continue reading to find out more.

What are Bucket Hooks and why should you be using them?

Rhinox Excavator Bucket Hooks

The Rhinox Bucket Transportation Hooks are hooks that are designed and manufactured as part of the hanger of your digging bucket to allow you to pick up and safely move your buckets around site. Not only is this much safer for you or your operators as they're not man-handling buckets or unevenly stacking them, but it also reduces the chance of them falling and damaging other bystanders or equipment while moving or loading onto trailers.

These bucket hooks are very popular with Excavator Hire low-loader drivers, or anyone that is responsible for transporting excavators to and from site as they can simply pick up several buckets at once and drive them straight on and off the trailer.

You might be wondering if the hooks will bend with use or get in the way while digging. The Rhinox Bucket Hooks are manufactured as part of the bucket hanger itself, this means that there are no weld connected joins so no opportunity for weld failure. The single piece hanger and hook also means that it is a very strong design with minimal chance of bending. As well as this, we have manufactured our bucket hooks as part of the hangers to stop them penetrating or damaging anything that might be in the ground while digging. Some manufacturers weld their bucket hooks to the shell of the bucket but this can get caught on cables, pathing slabs, roots or other similar items while digging.

How To: Use Rhinox Bucket Hooks

How To Use Rhinox Bucket Hooks
Step 1: Attach a flat edged bucket to your excavator as normal. We would recommend a Ditch Cleaning Bucket but a Bladed Digging Bucket would have the same effect

Step 2: Line up your Rhinox Digging Buckets facing away from you. The back of the digging buckets should be facing you.

Step 3: Crowd over the top of your Digging Buckets with your flat edged bucket, hooking the bladed edge underneath the Digging Bucket Bucket Hooks.

Step 4: Lift your excavator dipper arm upwards, away from the ground. The bucket hooks should engage with the flat edge and be suspended above the ground.

Step 5: Track to where you need to be or onto a trailer for transportation.

Want to see the Rhinox Bucket Hooks in action, watch our video below:

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