Why should I buy a Rhinox Excavator Bucket ?

If you're on this post, you're probably looking for some information about Rhinox Buckets so who better to get the information from than the manufacturers themselves. We might seem biased but we think we manufacture some of the best buckets on the market and this post is going to tell you why...

The Key Features that make Rhinox Buckets Stand Out

Feature 1: Additional Wear Protection

All Rhinox Excavator Buckets are manufactured with additional wear protection to help extend the life of your buckets. We refer to these as Wear Plates and Wear Straps.

To help protect the side of your buckets, we add extra layers of steel to thicken the bucket shell - this is a Wear Plate. To help you recognise which bucket is Rhinox, we cut our recognisable Rhinox rhino out of this plate. These plates add an extra layer of strength and resistance to the outside of your bucket in a place which has high levels of contact with harsh materials while digging.

The underneath of your excavator bucket is also a very high touch point - as you can imagine. So, we have added additional steel for reinforcement underneath the bucket too. These are known as Wear Straps - they come as standard on all Digging Buckets and can be add as an optional extra on Grading Buckets. These straps run across the width of the bucket and stop a couple of inches before the edge so that our welders can get a solid weld around the outside of the strap.

Feature 2: Reinforced Leading Edge

The Leading Edge is the front facing edge on the side plates of your bucket. This area of your bucket is another stress point that consistently comes into contact with harsh conditions. So, we have reinforced this edge to help maximise your bucket's lifetime and reduce the wear. If the leading edge becomes damaged, they can be extremely difficult and time consuming to repair or replace so thickening this steel adds additional strength and durability to your bucket.

Feature 3: Drilled Lip Plate

All our Digging Buckets and Grading Buckets from 6,000 lbs and above, are manufactured with a Drilled Lip Plate. The lip plate is the front edge of the bucket that makes contact with the ground first. This edge is the most important section of your bucket to protect and is the area that will wear down the fastest. To help battle this unavoidable issue, we drill the lip plate so that protective Edge Options can be fitted. 

In the case of our Digging Buckets, they are manufactured with Bolt on Teeth as standard - if you buy a Digging Bucket from us and do not purchase a different edge option, it will come with Bolt on Teeth. But, these teeth can be removed and replaced with a Bolt on Blade as required or desired. Blades are best used for jobs like creating flat bottom trenches.

We would always recommend fitting a Bolt on Blade to your Grading Bucket as the lip plate will be unprotected if not - the blade will dramatically increases the lifetime of your bucket. We also recommend that if you don't want to use your Digging Bucket with Teeth you also fit a Blade to protect the exposed lip plate. Especially if you're wanting to refit your Bolt-on Teeth later because wearing down the lip plate too far will cause the bolt holes to disappear so you will no longer we able to fit them back on. If you want more information on Blades and Teeth, like when is best to use them, watch the video below:

More information about Rhinox Digging and Grading Buckets:

Feature 4: Serial Number Plate

We manufacture all of our buckets with Serial Number Plates - these plates tell you the Product Reference and the Serial Number for that bucket. This allows us to trace when the bucket was made and which of our welders made it, as well as who it was sold to and where it is going. The Serial Number Plates help us to maintain optimal security and traceability of your buckets in case they were to ever go missing. They also help you to keep track of which excavator buckets are your if you're on a jobsite with multiple excavators.

Feature 5: Removable Dummy Pins / Bucket Pins

Bucket Pins are one of the parts of your bucket that will wear or become damaged the fastest! This is because of the amount of force and friction that they experience while digging and changing buckets and attachments. So, obviously this means you will have to change your bucket pins more frequently. Some manufacturers weld the bucket pins into the bucket hangers - as you can imagine - this will cause you a lot of problems when trying to replace them when they're worn or damaged. Sometimes if they can't be removed it leaves the bucket as garbage and can no longer be used.

All Bucket Pins on Rhinox Buckets are removeable! This means that they are secured in place with nuts and bolts and can be easily take out and replaced when you need to. As well as, saving you money on not having to replace or repair your bucket hangers, it saves you time on change over your bucket pins as removing a bolt is a lot quicker so you can get back to work as quickly as possible!

Feature 6: Transportation Bucket Hooks

Bucket Hooks are the quickest, easiest and SAFEST way to move multiple buckets at once! The simple hook design lets you use a flat edged bucket - like a Grading Bucket / Ditch Cleaning Bucket - to hook underneath and lift all the buckets at once.

Rhinox manufacture all of our Digging Buckets with these Bucket Hooks to stop you from having to manually move your buckets into position or on and off wagons. It also stops the need for uneven stacking or loading of buckets which is much safer for you and any bystanders as the chances of the buckets falling and damaging somebody or other equipment is significantly reduced. 

We also manufactured the hooks as part of the hanger so that there is no possibility of weld failure. Sometimes welds will fail on buckets through excessive use so we wanted to avoid this possibility completely. We also avoided putting the hooks on the bucket shell as this could cause potential issues if digging around utilities, like cables, as they could catch them in the ground.

Is Rhinox for you?

You may have decided that a Rhinox Bucket is what you want, but you might have a few more questions about what sizes we manufacture for, how long it will take for your products to arrive or whether we can make custom products for you. The video below answers the Top 7 Questions we get asked from customers, check it out to hopefully get your questions answered too: