Where are Rhinox products made & dispatched from?

Where are Rhinox products made & dispatched from?

Before you purchase from us, you're probably wondering where we are based, where we manufacture our products and where they are dispatched from. In this short article, we will summarise these 3 points to help you decide whether we are the best company for you to buy your excavator buckets from. Keep reading to find out more...

Where are Rhinox based? Where are your orders dispatched from?

Rhinox HQ

Rhinox are a UK based company that aim to provide a reliable service, with Speed, Quality and Innovation at the heart of how we operate. One of our main goals is for you to have what you need, when you need it so if your products are in stock, we dispatch them the same day that you order! As well as this, we manufacture excavator buckets and attachments to the best quality and produce new, innovative products for our customers in the market.

As our brand grows in the US and Canada, we have begun our expansion of our Rhinox distribution facilities into the state of Alabama, from our manufacturing and distribution location here in England, UK. This will allow us to have large amounts of our products stocked in the US, to help speed up the time taken for you to receive your order. Currently, our shipping times from the UK can range from 2 - 14 working days, which can vary depending on where you are located within the US / Canada and by the busyness of the postal services. Once our distribution hub is fully established in Alabama in early 2023, these shipping times are hoped to be dramatically lower, meaning you should have your orders within a few days. But until then, we will continue to ship your orders from the UK with FedEx international Freight.

Where are Rhinox products made?

So that we can dispatch products the same day as order, we must hold large stocks of products. To enable us to hold these large stocks we work on a hybrid manufacturing system of UK and Overseas Manufacturing. We currently have a UK Manufacturing facility in East Yorkshire, England and Overseas Manufacturing Facilities in India.

Rhinox Manufacturing

Even though our Indian Facilities are based offsite of our Rhinox Head Office, they were specifically set up by us, to produce our Rhinox products. These products were designed and developed by our specialist engineering team. To maintain our standard of high quality, we have a dedicated Quality Control Team based in our Indian Facilities that make sure that our products are of a consistent, high-quality.

We also manufacture our buckets and attachments at our UK premises. Products that are purchased by customers but listed as 'Out of Stock', are 'Made to Order' at our UK Facility. Making them at our UK manufacturing and distribution premises means that we can keep production times down and not go over 10 Working Days for manufacturing. Once your 'Made to Order' products are manufactured, it currently takes 2 - 14 working days to arrive with you.

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