Rhinox Micro Excavator Buckets & Attachments - 0.75 Ton / 1,600 Lbs

Rhinox Micro Excavator Buckets & Attachments - 0.75 Ton / 1,600 Lbs

Rhinox Micro Excavator Buckets & Attachments

Here at Rhinox, we manufacture buckets and attachments for a whole range of machine sizes, makes and models. From 0.75 Ton - 7 Ton / 1,600 Lbs - 13k Lbs, for brands like Bobcat, Kubota, John Deere and more. If you have a Micro Excavator you might be wondering what Rhinox products are available for your machine, so in this post we will summarise all of our Micro Excavator Buckets and Attachments and give a brief overview of their best uses.

Our Range of Buckets & Attachments:

Rhinox Micro Excavator Buckets and Attachments

Check out our full range of Micro Excavator Buckets and Attachments in the table below:

Bucket or Attachment



Digging Buckets  Widths: 6", 9", 12" 18" & 24" From $508
Ditch Cleaning Buckets Width: 30" From $761
Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler One size From $1,042
Frost Ripper Tooth One size From $920
Micro Trenching Buckets  Widths: 3", 4", 5" & 6". Depths: 15" or 27" From $769
Skeleton Bucket Width: 24" From $1,287
Land Clearance Rake Width: 36" From $1,532
Rake Riddle Bucket Width: 36" From $1,097
Grading Beam Width: 48" From $1,500

Bucket and Attachment Best Uses:

Rhinox Micro Buckets and Attachments


Best Use

Digging Bucket Best used for digging out material from the ground, moving piles of material, digging trenches etc
Ditch Cleaning Buckets Best used for finishing off projects (like levelling top soil), moving material and clearing ditches
Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler Best used on excavators where operators need to frequently switch between buckets and attachments
Frost Ripper Tooth Best used to break up solid ground like rocks and frozen dirt, or tear out objects stuck in the ground like tree stumps
Micro Trenching Buckets Best used to dig much narrower and deeper trenches, for laying cables or pipes
Skeleton Bucket Best used to separate large objects from finer material - usually larger rocks from dirt
Land Clearance Rake Best used to rip out bushes and stubborn overgrowth, as well as churn up soil ready for planting or turfing
Rake Riddle Bucket Best used to remove overgrown brash, grass and sift out larger material from dirt. As well as prepare the top soil for turfing
Grading Beam Best used to level and profile larger areas of material like top soil or pea shingle, where using your Grading Bucket would take too long

If you need any further assistance regarding excavator buckets and attachments, get in contact with our Sales Team today via email at Sales@rhinox-group.us or call: +1 267 861 0812