Land Clearance Rake VS Rake Riddle Bucket - What are the differences and when should you use them?

Land Clearance Rake VS Rake Riddle Bucket

If you're comparing the Land Clearance Rake and Rake Riddle Bucket, you're probably looking to do some ground preparation work and want to find an excavator attachment that can help speed up your project! The Land Clearance Rake and Rake Riddle Bucket are excavator attachments that look similar but have different uses so we're going to compare the features and best uses to help you decide which is best for you. Keep reading to find out.

Differences between the Land Clearance Rake and Rake Riddle Bucket

Land Clearance Rake

AKA: Land Rake, Ground Rake, Root Rake

Rake Riddle Bucket

AKA: General Purpose Rake, Rake Bucket

Rhinox Land Clearance Rake
Rhinox Rake Riddle Bucket
Heavy Duty Structure Ditch Cleaning Style Shell
Thicker Tines Narrower Tines
Tine Support Bar Tine Support Plate
Size Range: 1k - 13k Lbs Excavators Size Range: 4k - 18k Lbs Excavators

When should I use a Land Clearance Rake or Rake Riddle Bucket?

Rhinox Land Clearance Rake

As you can see from the pictures above, the attachments are made differently which means they also perform differently. The Land Clearance Rake rakes through the ground to churn up the dirt and bring materials into a pile. The Land Rake attachment is commonly used for land clearing, site preparation and landscaping to quickly and easily remove vegetation, roots, general overgrowth and any other debris in the ground. As well as churning up soil before digging, planting or building.

The Land Clearance Rake is a much more durable attachment compared to the Rake Riddle Bucket. It is made from thicker steel to make it much more heavy duty to help with removing stubborn material and raking through thick mud. To reinforce it even more, the Rhinox Land Clearance Rake has a support bar that goes through the centre of the tines. This helps to prevent bending or twisting. Other manufactures weld in smaller bars between the tines, rather than the bar going all the way through like ours. The small bars have the increased chance of weld failure so they could break off or come loose during use. 

Rhinox Rake Riddle Bucket

The Rake Riddle Bucket is the combination of the Land Clearance Rake and the Riddle Bucket / Skeleton Bucket and is designed to remove surface level vegetation like grass and overgrown flower beds. As well as, separating rocks and larger materials from the dirt and gravel. This attachment is commonly used by landscapers for finishing jobs - like creating lines in the dirt ready for laying turf. Or for projects that need to separate recyclable material from piles of mixed material.

As well as being the combination of the Land Rake and the Skeleton Bucket, the Rake Riddle Bucket has a similar shell shape to your standard Ditch Cleaning Bucket with the tines extending beyond the lip plate. This helps pick up large amounts of material and even lets you stack and carry materials like logs or fence posts. The tine support plate that goes across the tines, helps prevent the tines from bending or twisting when in use - which isn't a common feature from other manufacturers, but we see it as an essential feature to extend the lifetime of your product.

So, if you have a large land clearance job or need to prepare the ground for building, the Land Clearance Rake is the excavator attachment you need for the job. But if you're wanting to separate material or prepare the toil soil for plating, laying turf or other finishing jobs than the Rake Riddle Bucket is the attachment you for.

For more information about these attachments, watch our videos below:

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