Frost Ripper Teeth VS Micro Trenching Buckets - What's the difference?

Frost Ripper Teeth VS Micro Trenching Buckets

The Frost Ripper Tooth and the Micro Trenching Bucket are excavator attachments that look similar but have two very different jobs. If you're using them wrong then you can cause damage to your attachment and they simply won't work as well for the job that you're doing. But what are the differences and when should you use them? Keep reading to find out more.

Differences between Frost Ripper Teeth & Micro Trenching Buckets

Frost Ripper Teeth

AKA: Ripper Hook, Ripper Claw, Ground Hook

Micro Trenching Buckets

AKA: Deep Dig, Utility Bucket, Fibre Optic Bucket

Frost Ripper Teeth Micro Trenching Bucket
Shank Design Long, Narrow Bucket Shell Design
Reinforced Design Cut outs to release material
Replaceable Tooth Bladed Edge

When should I use a Frost Ripper Tooth over a Micro Trenching Bucket?

Rhinox Ripper Tooth

As you can see from the pictures above, the attachments are made very differently which means they also perform differently! Frost Ripper Teeth are a shank style design with a hardened tooth tip, designed for breaking up hard surfaces or removing stubborn objects from the ground. The hardened tooth helps to penetrate and break up the very hard material like compact dirt, rock and even frozen ground. But can also be used to dig out stubborn items such as rocks and tree roots buried in the ground. We would usually recommend that you use a Frost Ripper Tooth to break up the hard ground before going in with your standard digging and ditch cleaning buckets as it will protect your buckets from unnecessary damage like bending of teeth or blades.

Rhinox Micro Trenching Bucket

Micro Trenching Buckets are what the name suggests a bucket designed to dig micro trenches. The narrow shell design means you can dig much narrower trenches than you would with a normal digging bucket as they usually come in widths from 3-6" wide. They're typically used by landscapers to dig narrow irrigation or drainage trenches, or for extending water / waste pipes and cables for electricity or internet. We regularly see people use their Micro Trenching Bucket as a Frost Ripper Tooth - we do NOT recommend this! They are not made for this type of use so it is likely that you will cause damage to the edge of your Micro Trencher due to the excessive force that it's being exposed to. The Frost Ripper Tooth is designed with additional wear protection and a hardened structure to be able to deal with this.

If you want to know more information about each attachment, watch the videos below:

If you need a Frost Ripper Tooth for those tough jobs, purchase your own here. But, if you need an attachment to dig narrow trenches, you can purchase your micro trenching bucket here. For help or advice on our products and service, contact our customer support team via +1 267 861 0812 or email