Excavator Buckets - Second Hand Vs Buying New

Excavator Buckets & Attachments - Second Hand Vs Buying New

When it comes to buying buckets and attachments for your excavator, you have 2 options: 1) Buy Second Hand or 2) Buy Brand New. Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so you're probably wondering which option is best suited to you, your machine and your jobs. We're going to explore the pros and cons of buying second hand digger buckets and attachments vs buying new ones so that you can make an informed decision. Continue reading to find out more.

Should I buy Second Hand Buckets?

Advantages of Buying Second Hand

Disadvantages of Buying Second Hand

Cheaper Shorter Lifespan
Better for the Environment Incorrect Fitment
Slow Delivery / Collection Required

Advantages of Buying Second Hand

Cheaper -

The most obvious reason to purchase your buckets and attachments second hand is that they will be cheaper. This is a great option if you're on a tighter budget or if you only need the attachment for one particular job so can't justify the price of purchasing the attachment brand new. Second Hand Buckets are also regularly purchased to be used for replacement parts on current buckets or attachments. For example a new lip plate or adding the hangers to another shell.

Better for the Environment - 

Another advantage is that using a second hand bucket or attachment is better for the environment than buying a brand new bucket. If you purchase second hand it means you are giving another life to a bucket that somebody else might throw away once they're finished with it. This means there is less material needed to create new buckets and your second hand bucket isn't sitting in a scrap pile.

Disadvantages of Buying Second Hand

Second Hand Buckets Disadvantages

Shorter Lifespan - 

The main disadvantage, and the point you should consider the most, is that a second hand bucket will have had a proportion of it's lifespan used up. Just like buying a second hand car, the reason they are cheaper than a brand new one is because they have already been used, and have succumb to wear and tear. You don't know the history of the bucket and how it has been used by previous owners - there could be hidden damage that you're not aware of or that isn't visible to the naked eye. This could cause you to have to spend more time and money to fix the damage in the near future. It also means that it will be harder to get the same result from the attachment due to the wear and tear. For example, it would be considerably harder to try and finish off using a Grading Bucket if it had a worn and wonky lip plate. You wouldn't have this issue if you purchased the bucket new.

Incorrect Fitment - 

Another disadvantage of buying a second hand bucket is that the hanger dimensions may not match up with the measurements of your machine. It is common for people to modify their buckets and attachments which can change the geometry of the pick up. Or the attachment may have been listed to fit the incorrect machine make and model. Both of these problems means that you will struggle to get the attachment to fit you machine and you may even need to make some alterations tot he geometry yourself.

Slow Delivery / Collection Required - 

The final disadvantage is that receiving your item can be expensive. Most of the time when you're purchasing off of an online storefront like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, you will have to collect the item yourself or arrange an alternative delivery method. This can be very time consuming for you if you're having to go and collect the item, but it can also be very expensive if sent via courier as the items are heavy and bulky. They may sometimes need a truck with a tail-lift due to the weight of the product.

Should I buy New Buckets?

Advantages of Buying New

Disadvantages of Buying New

Product in Perfect Condition More Expensive
New & Improved Products Potential Manufacturing Time
Expertise of Sales Member
Quick Delivery

Advantages of Buying New

Advantages of Buying New

Product in Perfect Condition -

The most obvious reason to buy a new bucket or attachment for your digger / excavator is that the product with be in perfect condition. Your product will be unused so will have no damage. This means that the lifetime of the bucket is instantly longer than that of a second hand bucket. If you're purchasing directly from the manufacturer or reseller, they will likely have warranty policies in place that mean if something went wrong with your product due to no fault of your own they will try to help you out. For example, here at Rhinox we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all the welds. This means that if a weld fails due to poor quality workmanship we will arrange for it to be repaired or replaced. 

New & Improved Products -

Another advantage of buying new is that you will get the newest and most improved version of the attachment. Manufacturers will regularly make changes and updates to their products to continually improve the product based off of customer feedback and market research. So, if you're purchasing your bucket or attachment from new you will likely receive the newest version of that product, which usually includes new designs and features.

Customisable -

Alongside getting the most up-to-date version of a product, if you're purchasing the product new you are likely to be able to customise it with the manufacturer - which is obviously not an option when bought second hand. This usually includes, adding additional wear protection to the product including wear straps or a bolt on blade, customising the colour so they're easy to identify or adding an additional identification badge for better bucket management. These features can all add a benefit to the specific job that you're doing or to the way you like to look after your equipment.

Expertise of Sales Member -

Another advantage of buying brand new is that you can receive assistance from the sales teams who know the products inside and out. If you have any concerns or queries about the product, you are able to contact them to get your questions answered. This is a lot more difficult to do with a second hand bucket as the sales team are unaware of any damage or alterations that could have occurred to the bucket or attachment prior to your purchase.

Quick Delivery -

The final benefit of buying new, rather than second hand, is the delivery options available! Purchasing from an online store like Rhinox is considerably easier as the delivery services are already set up. For example, if you're based on the UK Mainland and your products are in stock, you would receive your order Next Working Day, if ordered before 3pm. They can also be delivered to a location of your choice. These delivery options are usually very reasonably priced compared to if you had to arrange it with a courier yourself.

Disadvantages of Buying New

More Expensive -

The most obvious disadvantage is that the price of buying new buckets and attachments is likely to be higher than buying second hand, because you're getting a product that has not be used so has no wear, tear or damage. The cost of your products will differ dramatically depending on the manufacturer that you're purchasing from. As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive the product the better the quality. But we have seen it where the price of a brand new bucket including delivery is no more than $50 more expensive than a second hand product. If you want to see this example, watch the video at the top of the page.

Potential Manufacturing Time -

The other disadvantage that can occur is that you may have to wait for your product to be manufactured depending on where you purchase from. If your product is out of stock or made to order the manufacture may let you know that the product will be on a lead time. This lead time can vary from company to company but is generally between 2-4 weeks. Depending on how urgent you are for the product this could be a big determining factor as to whether you purchase new or used.

What should you do?

So there you have it, the main advantages and disadvantages of buying second hand or brand new buckets and attachments. Ultimately, the decision is down to you and your circumstances. If you're on a tight budget, only need the attachment for a one off job or are not bothered about the quality then a second hand bucket might be for you. But if you want a quality bucket that lasts, with the ability to get it quickly then buying new is the better choice.