Do Rhinox make custom excavator buckets and attachments?

Do Rhinox make custom excavator buckets and attachments?

There are many different excavator brands on the market, from Takeuchi to Kubota, Bobcat to JCB, Hitachi to John Deere, with many models in between. This means that finding buckets and attachments can be difficult if your machine isn't common or has been altered to pick up on different pin dimensions. If you want to know if we manufacture custom buckets and attachments then you probably already know if your bucket has uncommon pick up dimensions but if you don't know your excavator pin dimensions or don't know how to work it out, watch the video below for a step-by-step guide:

How To: Measure your Excavator Pin Dimensions

Rhinox Bucket Stock

But, what you want to know is do we make custom buckets and attachments if your dimensions aren't standard.

In short, Rhinox do not manufacture custom buckets and attachments.

Rhinox are a stocking manufacturer, this means that we keep large amounts of our products in stock at any time so that we can quickly dispatch your orders the same day. This helps keep your downtime to a minimum so your project can be completed faster and to the correct standard. This means that we have standardised our hanger set-ups based on manufacturer pin dimension specifications for each machine so that we can keep large stocks. This unfortunately means that we do not make custom buckets or attachments to fit alternative pin dimension pick ups.

Do we manufacture for your machine? If you want to see if we can manufacture your buckets and attachments, click here to search for products based on your pin dimensions.