Are Excavator Grading Beams for people that can't grade with a bucket?

Grading with your Mini Excavator

Grading is one of the most common jobs that you're likely to use your digger for, whether this be for a yard renovation or a construction project. There are a couple of different excavator attachments that you could use for these jobs, each with their own benefits. One of the more recent developments being the grading beam - a flat bottomed attachment designed to speed up your grading jobs. But a question we regularly get asked is ' Are Grading Beams for people that can't grade with a grading bucket?', so we're going to address this very question and help you decide whether the grading beam should be your next investment! Continue reading to find out more.

Are Excavator Grading Beams for people that can't grade with a Grading Bucket?

The short answer is no. Excavator grading beams, or levelling bars as they're also known, are not designed for people who can't grade with a grading bucket / ditch cleaning bucket. In fact, it's probably easier to grade with a bucket than it is to grade with a beam. It doesn't matter what angle your bucket is at, as long as your bucket edge stays level with the floor, you should get a smooth, even grade. Whereas your grading beam is made with pointed edges and guiding fins for strength and precision, so if you try to grade at an angle you will likely dig those edges into the ground, ruining your finish. Some operators find using a grading beam easier but this is down to operators skill and experience.

So why would you use a grading beam if it's more difficult?

Rhinox Grading Beams in use with soil and aggregate

Grading beams are specialised tools used by operators to enhance the precision and accuracy of their grading work. As a much deeper and wider attachment than your standard grading or tilt-ditch cleaning bucket, you can grade more area in a shorter space of time. It's a much flatter digger attachment so you can make longer strokes, rather than having to make small, short strokes like you would with your ditching bucket.

Not only does using a grading beam speed up your projects but it also protects your buckets from unnecessary wear and tear. The grading beam is made with thicker steel to make the attachment much more durable, which is essential when continuously grading rough material like pea shingle and crushed brick. If you were to continuously grade these aggregates with your grading bucket you will quickly wear down the lip plate and the underneath of your bucket, as it's made of a thinner steel.

So, if you thought the grading beam was just for people that can't grade with a grading bucket, then now you know it can actually be more difficult to operate but is designed to improve your performance and efficiency. If you want to know more about when you should grade with a grading beam or grading bucket then check out this post here, or you can watch our videos down below. For more information on the Rhinox Grading Beam or to purchase one for yourself, check out our range here.

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