Are Excavator Tilt Ditch Cleaning Buckets Really Worth the Price Tag?

Are Excavator Tilt Ditch Cleaning Buckets Really Worth the Price Tag?

If you're looking for the answer to whether a Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket is worth the price tag then chances are you're a regular to landscape projects or general excavator ground shaping. You're probably trying to find a better and easier solution to using your standard Grading Bucket / Ditch Cleaning Bucket to grade those awkward slopes and complex angles, but want to know whether they're worth the money. So, we're here to help with your search for answers! In this post we're going to talk about the main uses and benefits to you of purchasing a Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket and the main features that effect the price tag. Keep reading to find out more.

When should I use a Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket?

Rhinox Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket

The Excavator Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket is the solution to grading on an angle. These buckets are usually able to tilt between 35 - 45 degrees in both directions, depending on the manufacturer. This gives you greater flexibility for grading more complex shapes, like trench edges, lake slopes, flower beds in the yard, golf course bunkers and even creating the curve of a road. These buckets are a really good edition to any landscaper's attachments range, especially if you regularly do projects with jobs similar to the ones listed above. They let you sit on a level surface and tilt only your bucket to get the same outcome as you would when unevenly balanced up or down a slope or bank so you can get to those hard to reach places.

What makes a Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket so expensive?

In comparison to your standard Ditch Cleaning / Grading Buckets, the Tilt Ditch Cleaning Buckets are a lot more expensive! But why? As you can imagine, making a standard Ditch Cleaning Bucket is much quicker, easier and less technical than building a tilting bucket, as it only involves welding cut steel together. But, the Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket also involves the process of fitting and testing the complex hydraulics that go into making the bucket move on command. 

Rhinox Tilt Ditch Bucket Components

Tilt Ditch Cleaning Buckets have additional component parts, like the Rams and Hydraulic Hoses, that have a huge impact on the product price. As well as the cost of making the standard bucket shell, these components are not cheap. The quality of these hydraulic components will influence the overall price of the product - a manufacturer that uses cheaper components will be able to sell the attachment cheaper. The price is usually based on the quality of product you're receiving and this will determine how long your attachment will last.

For example: the Rhinox Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket is manufactured with either one or two RAMs (depending on the size of the machine), a double acting check valve and cartridge, a piston, thermoplastic hoses and multiple grease nipples. We also prefill the hydraulics with hydraulic oil to test the Tilt Ditch Bucket before it's dispatched. This means we can guarantee that it operates correctly and there are no faulty components in use.

What are the alternatives to a Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket?

Rototilt & Steelwrist with Pallet Forks

If you're certain that a tilting attachment is the attachment you need for your projects, then a tilting or rotating coupler might be something you should consider. There are numerous brands of tilting or rotating coupler, such as Engcon, Rototilt and Steelwrist, which all let you move, tilt and rotate your buckets and attachments from the same spot. These types of couplers are usually a lot more expensive than a standard Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket but are a good long term investment that can step up your manoeuvrability, flexibility and control from within the excavator. 

Besides your standard Digging and Ditch Cleaning Buckets, rotating and tilting Couplers are commonly used with Pallet Forks Attachments so you can move pallets, stillages and bales round from one spot. This is extremely useful in narrow spaces, like between buildings, where there is no room to turn round, swing the cab or manoeuvre into other spaces. 

V-Bucket - Steelwrist

If you only need an attachment to dig shallow trenches with slanted sides then a V-Shaped Bucket may be for you. The V Bucket is a triangular shaped bucket made to dig clean sided, sloped trenches and are commonly used for laying pipes, cables or digging sloped ditches for drainage. These buckets usually start from around $500 based on the machine size and manufacturer.

Unfortunately, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket you're unlikely to be able to find one. Unless you go to somebody who can custom make you a bucket that is designed with a slanted edge. There aren't any standard excavator attachments that will tilt to the angle you need to be able to grade slope edges etc. 

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