What is a Tilt Grading Bucket?

What is a Tilt Grading Bucket?

What is a Tilt Grading Bucket?

A Tilt Grading Bucket, also known as a Tilt Ditch Cleaning Bucket or Hydraulic Tilt-Ditcher, is the all-in-one solution for grading on an angle. It is designed to help you carry out all of your complex ground shaping needs, faster and easier. This attachment tilts 45 degrees left and right to get into the complex areas that are difficult to flatten or finish with your standard Ditch Cleaning Bucket or Grading Bucket.

Some of the best ways to use a Tilt Ditch Bucket is to level or carve the sides of ditches, trenches, bunkers and banks. Especially useful for landscape builders of Golf Courses / Golfing Greens or similar, where more complex ground shapes are essential.

How to install a Tilt Grading Bucket?

You might be wondering how to install this attachment - it's fairly straight forward. The first step is to mount your bucket to your excavator arm as normal (whether that is by standard pin mount or Quick Hitch / Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler). 

The next step would be to hook up the bucket hydraulics provided to your excavator's auxiliary hydraulics. The Rhinox Tilt-Ditcher comes with a 1/4 flat face BSP fitting - if these do not fit your machine they are easily accessible at your local hydraulics hardware store.

How to use a Tilt Grading Bucket?

Now that your Tilt-Ditcher is attached, you need to know how to use it. The only difference to using a standard Grading Bucket to level or profile surfaces is the auxiliary controls. To control the bucket, all you have to do is move the auxiliary controls left or right to move in the direction you want your bucket to tilt. And then use your excavator as normal to move your arm up / down and crowd in / out. 

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I use a Quick Hitch / Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler with my Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket?

As mentioned earlier, yes! This bucket has the same hanger / bracket as your standard Ditch Cleaning Bucket, Digging Bucket or other attachments. This means that you are able to use your Coupler the same as you usually would. This allows you to quickly and easily swap attachments between jobs. Want to buy a Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler? Click here.

2) Should I use a Bolt-on Blade / Cutting Edge on my Tilt-Ditch Cleaning Bucket?

We recommend that you always use a Bolt-on Blade / Cutting Edge on your Ditch Cleaning Bucket - whether it's a Standard Ditcher or Tilt-Ditcher. Using your bucket with an unprotected lip plate / cutting edge can cause wear or major damage to your buckets. Adding a Bolt-on Blade protects the edge of your bucket from harsh construction environments and increases the lifetime of your bucket - therefore saving you money!

Rhinox manufacture Bolt-on Blades / Cutting Edges for all of our Buckets. You can select your Edge Option on each individual bucket product page or contact our Customer Support Team for assistance.