The Rhinox Micro Trenching Buckets - A closer look!

The Rhinox Micro Trenching Buckets - A closer look!

The Rhinox Micro Trenching Buckets

If you're looking for an excavator attachment that can help you dig deeper and narrower trenches much faster than your standard bucket, then the Micro Trenching Bucket is the attachment for you! What is a Micro Trenching Bucket, how will it improve your efficiency and why should you consider purchasing one from Rhinox? We will answer these 3 questions in this post, continue reading to find out more.

What is a Micro Trenching Buckets?

A Micro Trenching Bucket, or Deep Dig as it's also known, is a digging bucket for your excavator that is much narrower than your standard digging buckets. It was initially manufactured to be used to install fibre optic internet cables but are now used much more widely, for jobs like laying water mains or irrigation for planters, flower beds and even animal feeding troughs.

As well as, extending electricity cables for outside lighting or electrical points across your property. So now the Micro Trenching Bucket is used by far more than just utility contractors - they're also loved by farmers, landscapers, construction workers and more!

Why should you buy a Rhinox Micro Trenching Bucket?

What makes the Rhinox Micro Trenching Bucket one of the best on the market? There are a couple of key features that set them apart from the rest. Firstly, the variety of sizes. Rhinox manufacture these buckets in 4 widths and 2 depths so that you can choose the perfect width and depth for your jobs.

Widths Available for 15" Depth

Widths Available for 27" Depth

3" wide, 15" depth 3" wide, 27" depth
4" wide, 15" depth 4" wide, 27" depth
5" wide, 15" depth 5" wide, 27" depth
6" wide, 27" depth

Micro Trenching Buckets - Depth and Tip Options

You might think 'Will these buckets get clogged up?'. We designed our Micro Trenching Buckets with cut outs along the side of the bucket shell to help release any material you're digging through. If you're digging in loose dirt then this should easily fall out. This attachment may struggle to unclog itself if you're digging in thicker, sticky material like wet mud or clay. For jobs like this we would recommend using a Clay Spade instead - these have open sides so the clay can fall out even easier! If you want to know more about our Clay Spade Attachment, click here.

If you need a Micro Trenching Bucket to dig in tougher material or want to make sure it lasts, we would recommend the 3" wide version, in either 15" or 27". The 3" wide model is manufactured with a Uni Tusk Tip, this is a hardened edge that helps to protect the edge of your attachment and is even designed to help deflect away from any potential utilities in the ground. If you want to know more about the benefits of the Rhinox Uni Tusk, click here.

We are also able to manufacture our Micro Trenching Buckets with the Kubota Quick Attach and Bobcat X-Change Hangers set ups as well as the standard pins set ups that work with your Mechanical Pin Grabber Coupler or direct mount.

Want to take a closer look at our Micro Trenching Bucket range or see if we manufacture for you? Click here to buy online.